Rogerian argument essay on gun control 1

Rogerian argument essay on gun controlRogerian argument essay on gun control

Gun control and possession have been a hot topic for many years in many countries around the globe. It is easy to debate this topic as there are many different opinions. This is why it is so great for writing essays.

Many students have to write essays on gun control due to its complexity and global significance. How can you get an outstanding grade and do it correctly? This article will provide you with a detailed guide that includes many useful tips and tricks.

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Rogerian argument essay on gun control: Gun Control

You were given the task of writing a Rogerian argument essay on gun control. You are now asked to write an essay about gun control. Before you can make any statements or form an opinion about gun control, it is important to understand the basics of the topic.

The term gun control, in its simplest form, refers to the set of laws and regulations that regulate gun manufacturing, transfer and possession.

Most countries have strict gun control laws. The majority of laws restrict firearm possession and use. Gun possession is a privilege that allows only a few people to purchase and use firearms.

There are still countries that allow gun control. The USA is one of these countries. People in the majority of US regions are permitted to own firearms due to their colonial history and well-developed gun culture. The debate over gun control in the USA is particularly serious and deep.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution, which protects civilian firearm ownership rights, is often used as the main argument against gun control laws in this nation. People who support gun control claim that the right of firearm ownership is not unlimited. However, they believe that some restrictions and procedures should be in place to limit certain groups and places.

Rogerian argument essay on gun controlRogerian argument essay on gun control: Debate Side Choice

Learn more about firearm regulations and the most common arguments for each side. The core of the debate on gun ownership is a philosophical question. This question raises many other issues that need to be addressed. These include gun ownership, manufacture, use, transfer, and responsibility for misuse.

These are the main arguments for gun control supporters:

  • Gun regulation laws decrease gun deaths.
  • Most guns used in crimes were purchased legally and not from dealers (up to 90% in USA).
  • Gun possession increases the likelihood of domestic violence and firearm accidents.

The following ideas could be used by opponents:

  • The best way to ensure self-defense is to have guns.
  • Gun control will not make anything better, but it will increase the supply of guns via the black market.
  • Education on guns and gun safety is more effective than increased regulation.

While some people believe that having more arguments in their favor makes them stronger, the real issue is the quality and depth of the arguments. It will be harder to challenge an argument that is stronger than it is. What is a strong, good argument? It must be clear and simple to understand. A strong argument supports facts and evidence, not emotions. If your argument is an essay, it must be supported by reliable sources and include resource links. Let’s look at some examples of strong and weak arguments:

Strong argument: The USA has a population of 319 million people. There are 371 million firearms owned by Americans [resource link]. Weak argument: In the USA, there are more guns that people.

Strong argument: A study done in Israel in 2010 found that suicide rates were reduced by 40% when guns were restricted.
Argument weak: Numerous studies have shown a connection between gun control, suicide rates, and firearms.

Rogerian argument essay on gun control: Types

Students can choose from a variety of Rogerian argument essays on gun control essays. Every paper is unique and has its own peculiarities. This is why it is important to understand the differences in order to successfully complete this assignment.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the most popular essay types and their differences.

  • Argumentative essays – This type of paper requires you to support your position with strong arguments. This type of essay is best written after thorough research.
  • Cause and Effect essays – This is a way to describe the causes and consequences of something. For example, gun control can be analyzed by students who choose a particular law or an event that is related to the topic and then highlight the cause-and-effect relationship.
  • Definition essay – This type of paper, as its name implies, aims to define a problem/term in order to make it understandable for the reader.
  • Expository essays – This type of paper requires deeper research and exposes facts. The purpose of an expository essay is to identify a deeper problem and then present the issue to the reader. You might examine, for example, gun control and how government profits from gun control debates.
  • Persuasive essays – This type of essay must convince readers by appealing to logic, facts, or emotions.
  • Reflection essay: This type of paper asks the writer to think about their personal opinions or thoughts on a particular topic.
  • Annotated Bibliography essay: This type of paper aims to analyze, summarize, and research the available resources (such books, journals, reports, etc.). Concern a particular topic.

Let’s look closer at the two most popular types.

Rogerian argument essay on gun control: persuasive essay

One of the most popular types of this assignment is a persuasive essay. The main purpose of a persuasive essay is, as the name suggests to convince the reader of something and make them agree with your ideas. The main purpose of a persuasive essay writer is to sound credible, support his/her claims and provide valid arguments.

How to write a persuasive essay about gun control. First, you need to remember three key principles of persuasive writing:

  1. Ethos – This means that a writer gives credibility by using valid facts and trusted external resources.
  2. Logos – This means that a writer helps readers understand his/her ideas by using logic and clearly explaining why something is good/bad.
  3. Pathos is a way for a writer to appeal to readers’ emotions to convince them of something. This could be done by making them feel shocked or empathy.

You should choose the approach that is most comfortable for you. You can then build credibility with solid arguments, logic or emotion and make your essay persuasive.

Rogerian argument essay on gun controlRogerian argument essay on gun control: Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is another common type of assignment. You can see from the name that argumentative essays are primarily used to present arguments in support or against a topic. Argumentative essays are not persuasive papers. You don’t have to convince readers of your views. It is still one of the most challenging types of paper because there are many types of argumentation.

  • Classic Argumentation
  • Toulmin’s Argumentation).
  • Rogerian argument. This style of argumentation involves studying both sides of a problem in order to find common points and reach a mutual understanding. This model of argumentation is the best for writing Rogerian argument essays on gun control topics.

You must choose the type of argumentation that best suits your needs in order to write an argumentative essay about gun control.

You must also choose the right topic. It can be difficult to choose the right topic for an argumentative essay on gun control. These are some ideas that will help you create a strong argumentative essay on gun control.

  • Laws governing gun control vs. crime level: Does one really have an effect on the other?
  • Mass shootings will not be reduced by stricter gun restrictions
  • Is gun control helping to reduce crime in the US
  • Gun restriction laws must be more strict
  • Is gun control a way for people to not be able to defend themselves?

The next step is to do thorough research and gather sufficient arguments to support your thesis. To make it easier to write, organize all the data into an outline on Rogerian argument essay on gun control. After you have compiled all the arguments and an outline, you can start writing your paper following your plan. Finish it off by editing and proofreading.

Rogerian argument essay on gun control: How to choose a good topic

Before you rush to write your paper, it is important that you choose a topic. It can be difficult to decide on the right topic and make the right decision.

Students make big mistakes at this stage. They pick topics without doing any research and thinking. They also pick broad topics that are difficult to explain in short essays, such as “Why gun control is good facts” and “Why gun control will be good 2020”.

Remember that gun control is a complex and global issue. It is impossible to address all aspects of it in one paper. We recommend that you choose a narrower and more specific topic so you can explore it more in your essay.

These are the key characteristics to consider when writing an essay.

  • Importance It doesn’t matter what type of essay you write, it is important to concentrate on relevant and important subject matter.
  • Engagement – A great topic should be interesting for both you and your readers.
  • Size A good topic should be the right size to fit the length of your paper. You must ensure that you don’t have too many or too few words/pages on the topic.
  • Precision A good topic should be precise and specific. The topic “Reasons why gun control is good” is too broad. However, the topic “Stricter gun control laws in the USA can reduce social risks” is narrower.
  • Relevance for your thesis it is important to make sure that your topic matches your thesis. If you want to write a paper about gun control, then your topic should be pro-gun control.
  • Debatable – a good topic should be controversial–meaning that there should be both arguments for and against it. It is important to examine both sides of the issue. You will need to learn both the good and the bad aspects of gun control laws.

Let’s now look at some examples of engaging topics once you have a general idea about what you should do in order to choose a topic.

Rogerian argument essay on gun control: Pro-Gun Control Essay Topics

Here’s a list of topics that we offer as a custom essay writing service at Boompapers.

  • Gun control laws are beneficial: Stringent regulations reduce gun-related deaths
  • Domestic violence cases are increasing due to the availability of firearms.
  • Gun control laws that are stricter will reduce crime
  • Gun possession promotes youth violence
  • Is youth suicide linked to the availability of guns?

Rogerian argument essay on gun control: Anti-Gun Control Essay Topics

  • Contra gun control facts: It’s not guns that kill, but people
  • Top 5 arguments against gun control
  • Gun ownership is the best way to protect your safety
  • There are strong arguments against gun control. Strengthening gun control laws will encourage the growth of illegal weapons and black markets.
  • What lies beneath the gun control debates?

Rogerian argument essay on gun controlRogerian argument essay on gun control: steps to writing a good essay

It can be difficult to write a Rogerian argument essay on gun control. If you are able to manage the task well, however, it will not be difficult.
Here are some tips to help you write a great essay.

  1. Choose the right topic

Writing will be easier if you choose a topic that is relevant and interesting. Good topics are relevant, interesting, and important. While it should not be too broad, it should also contain enough information to allow for the disclosure of relevant and important information in a paper. We shared tips earlier in this article on choosing a topic that is good. Follow these steps to make sure you succeed.

  1. Make a powerful thesis statement based on the information you have collected

After you have gathered all your arguments for gun control and have established your position, you can create a concise, yet effective thesis statement to inform your readers about your position. It will also give them an insight into the main topic.

  1. Do your research thoroughly

The first step to success is in-depth research. You must organize your research as soon as you are able to understand the topic. Use trusted sources and take notes throughout your research.

  1. Take into consideration both sides of the debate

Strong supporting arguments are essential to make your essay about gun control stand out. You must also know the counter arguments to your argument in order to make strong arguments.

  1. Do not neglect to make an outline

While many students skip this step, it is essential for writing a high-quality essay. It will make it easier to write your essay. An outline also helps you to organize your arguments and claims in a logical order.

  1. Position yourself clearly

It doesn’t matter what type of essay it is, it is not a good idea for you to remain in the middle. It is important to clearly define your position.

  1. Share the Facts

Many types of essays require you to present arguments supporting your ideas. This is how credibility is built. Therefore, it is important to select strong arguments.

How can one achieve this? Let’s take a look at the most common questions about this topic, and some ideas for how you can reflect on them in your paper.

  • How important is gun possession in self-defense? – Give statistics, facts and real-life examples on how legal guns can be used for self defense.
  • How to stop mass shootings with guns – Provide any insights or real studies on how to do this.
  • What percentage of Americans support gun control? If you have any statistical data, or conduct your own survey, please let us know.
  • What percentage of countries have gun control laws in place? Locate reliable resources such as government websites and learn the legal aspects of the matter.
  • What has gun control laws done to society? To support your ideas, share real-life examples from other countries and communities.

Your essay will look more credible if you share statistics and facts. Be careful not to overwhelm your readers with too many arguments. Instead of listing many facts, choose the most important and valid facts you can find.

  1. Conclusion

Every essay should have a conclusion. Although it doesn’t have to be long, it should be concise and logical. A conclusion is simply a summary of everything in the paper. It summarizes your thesis and ends with a brief message. The conclusion is what makes the reader’s final impression. This is the most important part of your paper.

  1. Proofread and edit your paper

Final word: Editing and proofreading are essential to writing a compelling essay about gun control. These steps are essential if you want to produce a great paper. If you need professional help, leave us a note saying “do my homework”