Rogerian argument topic examples 1

Rogerian argument topic examplesRogerian argument topic examples

Rogerian arguments focus on finding a middle ground for the author and audience. This argument is persuasive and can help writers understand their biases. We are going to take a look at some Rogerian argument topic examples one can use for there essays. This argument was created by Carl Rogers, a psychologist. It is used in many philosophical models to solve problems that consider both sides of an argument.

Rogerian argument is just one of three types. Two other types of arguments are the Toulmin argument or the Classical argument. These are contradictory to Rogerian theory. Rogerian argument refers to an argument in which both sides win through careful persuasion and approach. This argument is more useful for psychological arguments than in scientific or logical arguments. This argument should lead to a solution that is appropriate by considering all sides. It can be difficult to write it, as it should not offend either the reader or the audience. The writer should begin by establishing a common ground. Argumentation should support your views and opinions.

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Rogerian argument topic example: Family

Family is the foundation of society and has direct connections to each individual. It influences/dictates many other higher level social processes/structures/hierarchies. Its role in the collective and individual existence of human beings is therefore immense. It is worth investigating from a psychological, sociological, and cultural perspective.

  1. Are homosexual partners allowed to adopt children?
  2. Is it okay for a parent or guardian to discipline their child physically?
  3. Are mothers expected to stay home with their children or should they be able to work as husbands?
  4. Is it better for children to live with two parents?
  5. Is it possible for someone convicted of a sexual crime to be allowed to visit their children?
  6. If the state believes that the parents are incapable, should children be taken from their parents?
  7. What are the benefits and advantages of reading to children?
  8. Are you a believer that the same-sex couple makes better parents or less?
  9. What long-term positive and negative effects can corporal punishment have for children?
  10. Do families need a TV in their home?

Rogerian argument topic examples: Society Essay TopicsRogerian argument topic examples

The society in which we live is what defines us all. Our culture shapes our personality as we grow up and mature. Our culture has a profound influence on our lives. This includes our parents, our friends, romantic partners, teachers/professors, academic colleagues, professional contacts, churches we attend, as well as our professional contacts. The fundamental principle of society is “My liberty ends when your liberty begins.”

  1. Is abortion legal or illegal?
  2. Are you a believer that someone who is terminally ill can have assisted suicide?
  3. Private businesses should be allowed to discriminate against clients on the basis of race, gender, and sexual orientation.
  4. What can countries do to tackle illegal immigration?
  5. Do you think the Church should play a greater role in society and government?
  6. Does the death penalty work as a deterrent for criminals?
  7. Do countries need a social safety network that protects the vulnerable and the poor?
  8. Are you a believer that welfare recipients should be required to actively search for work?
  9. What are the positive and negative impacts of globalization on societies?
  10. Is there a way to increase or decrease tension in the workplace?

Rogerian argument topic examples: Immigration

The controversial topic of immigration has been debated many times over the past decade. This makes it a great topic for argumentative essays. This allows you to provide strong arguments for supporting, rejecting or changing immigration policy. Here are some example topics for Rogerian argument:

  1. Chaos will result from the opening of all borders around the globe.
  2. Illegal immigration should not be allowed to continue in certain situations.
  3. What are the benefits of immigration for countries?
  4. Stopping wars is the best way of preventing immigration.
  5. There are many reasons why people wish to move to another country.
  6. Is it possible to stop illegal immigration by building walls?
  7. Are refugees fleeing conflict as illegals?
  8. Why is there so much opposition to immigration?
  9. What are the economic effects of immigration?
  10. Do governments need to increase the screening of Middle East immigrants?

Rogerian argument topic examplesRogerian argument topic examples: Law

To manage the complex interactions that take place daily in society (involving individuals and groups of people, including property owners, employers, employees, commercial entities, criminals, foreigners, and so on), A clear set of rules should be in place. This is a prerequisite for every society, even those that date back to ancient times.

However, writing legislation is a continuous process. Given the pace at which new technologies are developed and the changes in our mentality, it can be quite difficult to adopt laws that help solve any problem. Adopting a law may solve one problem, but it can also create other problems. It is often a process of trial and error.

Here are some Rogerian argument topic examples:

  1. Are federal bureaucracies allowed to adopt regulations with the same weight and effect as legislative laws?
  2. Would Great Britain be better off with the House of Lords having veto power over House of Commons
  3. Are judges supposed to base their decisions on the law’s wording or should they benefit society?
  4. Are you a believer that states should have the right to invalidate federal law and Supreme Court rulings if they feel such laws or rulings violate their rights in the Union as sovereign republics?
  5. Is the Second Amendment allowing ordinary citizens to have firearms or limiting these rights to militias only?
  6. Is the United States Supreme Court too powerful?
  7. Should Congress abolish birthright citizenship?
  8. Does it violate the Fourteenth Amendment for states not to grant criminals the franchise?
  9. Is it a violation to the Fourth Amendment for the NSA collect Meta data?

Topic examples for the Rogerian argument: Ethics

The challenge of making ethical decisions is ethics. It is often involved in discussions of conflicting subjects. These are those where both sides appear to have valid reasoning and are driven by high moral principles. Are you a believer that a priest, psychologist, or psychiatrist should be required by law share the contents of their conversations to parishioners and patients with police?

Below are some intruding  Rogerian topic examples students can use for there essays.

  1. Is it ethical to refuse treatment to patients who can’t afford an operation?
  2. Is it fair for colleges to have racial admissions quotas that favor minorities, but deny access to academically talented white students?
  3. Is it legal for someone to carry a gun in order to protect his home from an intruder?
  4. Is the First Amendment supposed to protect speech that may be considered offensive?
  5. Is it ethical for sex offenders to be listed on public registries?
  6. Is it morally permissible to tell a white lie to someone if the truth could hurt their feelings?
  7. Is prostitution a legal profession?
  8. Are you a believer that drug use should not be illegal?
  9. Is hunting considered cruelty to animals?

Rogerian argument topic example: History Argumentative Essay

The collective human memory can be described as history. It often records important or extraordinary events that affect many people, or signify significant societal, cultural or economic transitions or changes. Learning history is a way to avoid making the same mistakes as past humans. The intrinsic value of history is also immense, as it describes how we evolved from hunter-gatherers into highly sophisticated individuals.

This road has seen many major events, including the creation of laws, the rise of money, state institutions and constitutions, as well as the idea of separating powers within a state. Recent historical events have helped us to understand the current relationships and processes between countries and societies. These Rogerian argument topics examples are worth a look:

  1. Is colonialism beneficial or harmful to the Third World?
  2. Is Adolf Hitler correct to ask that the territory that was once German-owned be returned to Germany?
  3. Should President Abraham Lincoln have permitted the Southern states of the Union to withdraw peacefully?
  4. Are you convinced that the United States justified expelling Native Americans from areas inhabited by white settlers in order to make them feel welcome?
  5. Is the Soviet Union right to occupy Eastern Europe after the Second World War?
  6. What were the causes and how does it affect the world today?
  7. What were the main causes of the Indo-Pak Wars after the dissolution British India?
  8. Is Reconstruction of the American South a success after the American Civil War?
  9. What made Prussia so successful in unifying Germany into one nation?
  10. What impact did the invention and use of the cotton gin have upon American agriculture?

Topic examples for the Rogerian argument: Conflict Essay

Most conflict essay topics deal with difficult subjects such as armed conflicts, crisis, workplace issues and student debts. It is important to identify the conflict and then use an existing case study to support your argument. These are some conflict essay topics that you might like to consider for your Rogerian argument essay:

  1. Conflict between Israel and Palestine is a religious component.
  2. Mediation in multi-cultural conflicts:
  3. Conflict between parents and teenagers: Psychology vs. Physiology
  4. What impact can NGOs have on the human rights of women in India?
  5. Conflict at work with Alitalia and Covid-19
  6. Konrad Lorenz’s theory of violence, conflict and other theories.
  7. Peaceful conflict resolution: Gandhi against Tolstoy.
  8. Johan Galtung, and the Norwegian approach to world conflict resolution
  9. Conflicts on social media: Where do we cross the line in this area?
  10. The ethical side of politics and religious conflict.

Rogerian argument topic examples for Health

The scope of health topics can be extremely broad. They may include discussions of medical conditions or arguments in favor of new treatments. Below are interesting Rogerian argument topics examples:

  1. Are you a believer that healthcare should be available for everyone?
  2. Are American prisoners entitled to the same healthcare access as Americans?
  3. Is it ethical for animals to be subjected to medical experiments?
  4. Can medical knowledge from Nazi concentration camp experiments be applied to today’s medical problems?
  5. Which is better, a public or private healthcare system?
  6. How can the United States deal with an aging population?
  7. Are people with sexually transmitted disease, such as HIV/AIDs, to be forced into a quarantine?
  8. Is there a disease of drug and alcohol addiction?
  9. Do military personnel have the right to sue their military doctors for malpractice?
  10. What are the 21st-century social conditions that affect people’s health and how do they impact their health?
  11. There are reasons why mandatory child vaccinations are required in certain countries.
  12. These are objective facts that demonstrate how dangerous cosmetic surgery can be.
  13. Access to medical drugs should be easier and more affordable for everyone.
  14. How can you recognize fake medical advice online?

Rogerian argument topic examples: PsychologyRogerian argument topic examples

You must find topics relevant to psychology as a psychology student. Students must use their research skills, knowledge, and analytical skills to create essays that provide reliable support for their claims.

Here are some Rogerian argument topics example:

  1. Why is love so often the subject of lyrics to music?
  2. Marketing subconsciously influences our minds.
  3. The main reasons children learn to play instruments quicker are:
  4. Emotions can have a profound impact on our behavior and actions.
  5. What is the impact of cyberbullying on personal development?
  6. How music can rewire our brains and influence our development
  7. Modern parents need to be prepared for parenthood.
  8. What makes a culture’s sense of humor different?
  9. Negative experiences can turn into nightmares.
  10. How social media can create negative values for children.

Rogerian argument topic examples: Education

Education is essential for shaping our future. Students today will be able to manage our future and hold positions of power. We must therefore ensure that the current generation is able to meet their intellectual, moral and physical needs. They should be able to adapt to these times and have the wisdom, knowledge, and determination to move in the right direction (addressing global issues).

Here’s a list of a good Rogerian argument topic examples:

  1. Do special needs children need to be taught differently from the rest of the class?
  2. Are standardized test scores used to determine if a student is a graduate?
  3. Are you convinced that Common Core will be a benefit to the American education system?
  4. Is it better for the state or local communities to decide the curriculum in public school?
  5. Which is better, teacher-centered education or student-centered education.
  6. Schools should include athletics in school, or should they be purely academic?
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of classical education?
  8. Compare and contrast the learning methods of the 19th century and 20th centuries.
  9. How can parents help their children learn in the classroom?
  10. Teachers should be friends with students
  11. What should middle-school students do?
  12. How to balance regulations and free speech on campus
  13. How distance learning became mainstream after the COVID-19 pandemic.
  14. Why is it that younger generations are ready to move to online education?

Rogerian argument topic examples: Technology

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives and it continues to grow. Our technological innovations are improving the quality and life of millions of people. However, they are also changing our lives. These are some of the controversial Rogerian argument topics examples you can write about.

  1. Are we becoming zombies of the present?
  2. Are people lonely because of technology?
  3. Online dating: Does it replace the real thing?
  4. Technology limiting creativity among young people?
  5. Are you concerned that technology will cease to exist in the future?
  6. Exploring space is a costly venture. But it has many benefits.
  7. Technology’s impact on education
  8. Are people becoming smarter or dumber by technology?
  9. Is technology possible to help with feelings and human problems?
  10. Is cloning allowed or prohibited?

Rogerian argument topic examples: Social Media

Many changes have occurred due to the rise in popularity of social media platforms. First, memes and trend spread so fast that one meme can be seen and shared by millions within an hour. As more people rely on social media to communicate and study, work and affect others’ lives, privacy, safety and social responsibility become increasingly important. Below are Rogerian argument topic examples perfect for your essay:

  1. Is there a right age for children to be able to create their own social media accounts?
  2. Is social media a distraction that can cause damage to family and personal relationships?
  3. Pranks and challenges on social media: Are they dangerous?
  4. Social media platforms can alter someone’s view and bias.
  5. Do social media platforms need to be monitored and controlled
  6. Are funny memes ethical?
  7. Reporting offensive content on social media: Is it worth it?
  8. How international trends affect our behavior
  9. Are You Tubers responsible to the comments that their fans post on their posts using Your Tubers’ username?
  10. Social media can make you money