Scholarly Article Questions

Please see doc attached and answer the 7 questions Please find scholarly article on “Aeroflot Russian Airlines” For questions 6 and 7 my argument is that Aeroflot will collapse in only a matter of time due to western sanctions and the inability to fly Boeing and Airbus planes since they are all leased by Aeroflot and cannot get proper servicing and parts.

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Notes Guide 3: Scholarly Article


  1. What is the bibliographic information for your article? Try to do an MLA citation.







  1. What is the scholarly field from which your topic is being analyzed in this article? Psychology? Literature? Philosophy, etc.?








  1. What is the author’s background?









  1. What is the thesis (argument) of the article?



















  1. Summarize the findings/evidence the author uses to support this argument.




















  1. How does this argument and evidence in this article compare (work with) or contrast (call into question) the argument of your book?

















  1. How does your perspective, or your goal in your research paper, relate to the argument of this author?