Society is Frankenstein’s real monster

Society is Frankenstein’s real monster- Assignment Help

A monster can be defined as something that is inhuman or who disregards life, nature and all that is good. In literature, the term monster is often used to describe men who have committed horrible acts, such as rape, murder or mass genocide. Many times, the weight of this word is diminished by Halloween costumes and cartoon characters for children.

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But, it is still true that “a true beast is evil, inhumane and lacks remorse/caring for things that a normal emotional human being should take care of” (Chandler). Many believe that monsters lack the essential requirements to be considered human.

Victor Frankenstein’s creation in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein “is referred as a monster but the reader is made to realize the compassion and morality Victor’s creature has throughout the novel (Clapper).

The only reason Frankenstein is associated with the monster name is because of his appearance. “His yellow skin barely covered the work of muscles, arteries, and his hair was of a lustrous dark…his pearly white teeth were his teeth; but these luxuriances only made a more horrible contrast to his watery eyes…his dry complexion and straight black lips.” (Shelley 60). Frankenstein’s creation is judged by society before it has a chance to reveal its true nature.

The Frankenstein Complex

These harsh judgments against the unknown led to the creation of The Frankenstein Complex. Frankenstein Complex refers to the “fear or artificial human beings” (Clapper). In reality, however, the Frankenstein Complex should actually be feared by creators.

Frankenstein’s creation is “born” in tabula rasa. Victor and society label him before he can form an opinion about himself. His judgment and constant rejection lead him to strike out and seek to eradicate the thing that caused him harm. Victor’s creation does not make a monster. He is the result of society’s inability or unwillingness to deal with science and its consequences. Victor’s experiments in alchemy and his desire for fame are the reasons for his very existence.

Victor should be called the monster because he exhibits characteristics that make him a monster. Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist created a list that defines what a monster looks like. Jung stated that monsters are “unnatural” – an aberration of nature… hostile towards others… incite dread, and embody evil… not human – even people who look and act like them are not fully human.” Victor has all of these characteristics.

Jung says that the romanticism of the 19th Century saw monsters as a result of scientific progress and erring vision. But they are wrong. Monsters are scientists who create social outcasts. Victor is the monster. Victor exemplifies the characteristics that make a monster. Victor is “unnatural” because of his obsession with creating life and close relationships with other people. Victor is hostile to his creation from the moment it’s “born.” Yet, the creature has yet not earned such hatred. Victor has no compassion for other creatures; he is the one who turns his back on any creature that needs him. “[Victor] was responsible for William’s murder,” Soyka said. Society is wrong to fear creations that are not natural; instead, they should fear the creator.

“Everything is good once it leaves the Creator’s hands ….He flips everything upside down; disfigures all; he loves deformity and monsters.

– Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Victor is the Monster

Victor Frankenstein is the monster in Mary Shelley’s horror novel. He possesses many characteristics that make a monster. Victor Frankenstein was born due to his obsession with God and thirst for alchemy. Victor believes that a new species would bless him as its creator and source. Many happy and outstanding natures would owe my existence. “I might in the process of time…renew life where death has apparently devoted it to corruption” (Shelley 52).

Victor doesn’t consider the consequences of his actions. Victor immediately rejects his creation when he sees its animated form. Victor’s cruel rejection sets off a long journey that will eventually end in his death. Victor devalued the life of his creation for his own personal gain. This led to his great personal suffering as well as the suffering of his family members. He is the unrestrained scientist who unleashed a monster on society, unable to face the rejection and horrors that society placed upon him because of his differences. Victor’s desire to create life is a source of great pain. He is selfish, selfish, and hostile to others. These actions led to Victor becoming distant from his family and friends, which made him the Frankenstein monster. Victor Frankenstein is The Modern Prometheus. He made it possible to create life, and thus is cursed to endure all the ratifications.

A Creature Misunderstood

Victor isn’t a monster created in this novel. He is a misguided being who has been rejected by society. A new born can’t be evil because everything and everyone is born as a tabula rasa (or blank slate), without any personality, norms or sense of right or wrong. Victor’s creation seems to be fascinated by life. He says, “I started up and saw a radiant form emerge from the trees.” I looked with wonder at the sight. It moved slowly but it enlightened me,” and quite harmlessly as he discovers more about the world after “birth” (Shelley85).

Society rejects the Creature, and it’s because of this that he responds like any other human. The Creature was not created from Hell. He is the result of society’s inability to accept the results of their experiments. Victor’s creation does many useful deeds to help the De Laceys. He is a caring person who longs to be loved and accepted by others. The creature wanted someone to accept him. But even that chance was taken away before his eyes. Victor kills his Creatures companion and the creature “[he] saw [Victor] end the creature whose future existence he relied on for happiness” (Shelley, 145).

The Creature isn’t a monster. He is a human being who responded in a human manner to the stigma he was subjected to by society. The Creature’s actions at the end of the book reflect the influence that society and Victor had on him, because, as Percy Shelley explains, “treat a person ill, and he will become wicked…divide him, a social being, from society, and you impose upon him the irresistible obligations-malevolence.” The Creature’s anger is justified, even if his actions are not.

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