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Sports science is the study of how exercise and sport affect our health. Sports science has traditionally included areas such as physiology (exercise psychology), psychology (sport psychology), anatomy and biomechanics. With the increasing demand for performance consultants and sports scientists, the sport world is focusing on the best possible results. Researchers have gained a better understanding of how the body responds to different stimuli, such as exercise, training, and environments. The origins of sports science can be traced back to ancient Greece. Galen, an ancient Greek physician (131-201) wrote detailed essays on improving health (proper nutrition), strengthening muscles and aerobic fitness. [2]

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As anatomists challenged established theories, the Renaissance saw new ideas about the functioning and working of the human body. These ideas were spread by Gutenberg’s 15th-century printing press, which enabled the creation of the printed word. Universities were being established all over the globe as a result of this. These new scholars were able to go beyond the simplistic ideas of early Greek doctors and reveal the complexity of the circulatory and digestive systems. [6] In the United States, there were already early medical schools, such as Harvard Medical School (founded 1782) in the middle of 19th century. Their graduates rose to prominence in academia and in allied medical research. [7]

During this time, the number of medical journal publications increased dramatically. Three articles about physical activity were published in the American Journal of Physiology’s first volume in 1898. The American Journal of Physiology published other articles and reviews in its first volume. Internationale Zeitschrift fur Physiologie einschliesslich Arbeitphysiologie, a German publication in applied physiology, was established in 1929-1940 and became a major journal in this field.

Numerous key figures have contributed significantly to the study and practice of sports science.

Austin Flint, Jr. (1836-1915). One of America’s pioneer physicians, Flint studied the physiological response to exercise in his influential medical textbooks. [8]

Edward Hitchcock, Jr. (1828-1911), Amherst College Professor in Hygiene, Physical Education, and Hygiene, dedicated his academic career to scientific research on exercise, training, and the body. The author of the 1860 text on exercise and physiology. [9]

George Wells Fitz, M.D. (191860-1934). Created the Harvard University’s first departmental major in Anatomy and Physiology in 1891. [10]

August Krogh (1874-1949), Winner of the 1920 Nobel Prize in Physiology for his discovery of the mechanism controlling capillary blood flow in active or resting muscle. [11]

Per-Olof Astrand (1922-2015), Professor at the Department of Physiology Karolinska Institute Stockholm. A seminal paper that evaluated the physical work capacity of men aged 4 to 33 years was written. [12]

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