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Here are five outstanding Homer thesis statements that you can use as essay topics or starters. Each of these five include at least one theme from The Iliad. They are both broad enough to make it easy to find textual support but narrow enough to give a clear and focused thesis statement. These thesis statements provide a brief summary of The Iliad of Homer, as well as the various elements that may be relevant to an essay. Your essay can include your own analysis or interpretation of the plot and themes. You should be able to connect with the text using the topics listed below and the list of important quotes from The Iliad located at the bottom of this page. This will make it easy for you to write an excellent essay.

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Thesis Statement/Essay Topic #1: The Justification and Glorification Of War in The Iliad

The Iliad’s backdrop and core of action is war. It seems that Homer glorifies war in “The Iliad” in a way that elevates certain fighters to heroes and minimizes losses and tragedies. In this time of war, even the gods do not compare well to each other. Some gods are praised because of their bravery, while others are criticised for their passiveness and pacific preference. The writer examines the attitudes towards war in The Iliad and makes a case that war could be justified according Homer.


Thesis Statement/Essay Topic #2: The Vice Of Pride in The Iliad of Homer


A story isn’t always about a character who is admired and good. It is often about a character who is deeply flawed. The reader can only understand the human condition when there is a flaw in the character or an irremediable vice. The Iliad highlights the vice of pride as one of the most prominent character flaws. Achilles is plagued by a persistent bout of hubris and makes decisions that can prove fatal for one his closest friends. This essay examines the issues of pride and analyzes the extent to which Achilles conquers them.


Thesis Statement/Essay Topic #3: The Role of Women In The Iliad


The setting and action of The Iliad seem almost like a man’s universe in many ways. The epic features few female characters. However, the female gods seem to be stronger than their male counterparts. Comparing and contrasting the roles played by female mortals and female Gods in The Iliad can help us to understand what Homer thought the right place was for women during times of war. While his ideas may seem outdated today, they are still representative of Homer’s historical and social times.


Thesis Statement/Essay Topic #4: Supernatural Superstition In The Iliad By Homer


The development and conclusion of The Iliad is influenced by the roles played by the gods. The gods are more important in times of war than ever. They act as a mediator between mortals and the gods, and they are seldom, if ever neutral. Many gods are influenced by past grudges or slights against certain mortal groups and take sides in the conflict. The writer will discuss the various roles of the gods in The Iliad and the meanings they have for mortal characters.



Thesis Statement 5 – Achilles as a Likeable Character


Achilles’ pride can lead to his actions causing harm to other characters, sometimes even death. Patroclus is killed when he allowed Patroclus to wear his armor to battle. Achilles, despite his flaws, is ultimately a likeable person. The reader can feel for Achilles. The reader is able to feel empathy for Achilles. Pride isn’t so common a flaw that it is difficult to admit to.


A few articles are listed below that relate to the thesis statements and key quotes from “The Iliad”, by Homer: Masculinity and Warrior Culture in The Iliad The Theme Of Father Son Relationships In The Iliad and The Odyssey Character and Divinity in The Aeneid and Iliad

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