Steps to writing a diagnostic essay

 How to Write a Diagnostic essay

Students often feel scared when asked to write diagnostic essays. Diagnostic essay functions differently from a regular one. It serves to evaluate or diagnose a set skills that college students are expected have. It is typically given by college professors at start of academic year. It allows teaching staff to assess the knowledge of particular students or audience. There are some rules and guidelines that need to be followed when completing any assignment. These are the things we will discuss in our diagnostic essay guide. Boompapers specialists offer professional essay writing assistance of any type or complexity. Let’s look at our guide! Don’t panic, we won’t tell you!

What is Diagnostic Essay?

Diagnostic essays may be used in the majority of US university courses. They are tasks that either have a predetermined topic or pose a prompt to be answered in an essay. Diagnostic essays can quickly become difficult when you have tight deadlines and little time to think. You don’t have to research per se due to strict deadlines and time limitations.

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Diagnostic essays help professors assess skills and writing style to identify student knowledge. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a proof that you have read certain books or done extensive research. A diagnostic essay can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once the paper is complete, college and university professors review it and make suggestions and provide feedback on potential flaws. These details are essential to be aware of, including grammar and formatting rules. Teachers can also plan work and assignments based upon the student’s skills.

Even though these assignments are rarely graded, it is important that they be completed in a way that professors can see student’s abilities to prepare, write, analyze, think strategically, and edit. It is important to have good proofreading skills.

Structure and Format for Diagnostic Essays

You don’t have unlimited time so make sure you are following the correct structure. This will enable you to avoid any additional editing or rewriting issues. Unless otherwise instructed, all diagnostic writing must include an Introduction, 3 Body paragraphs, as well as a conclusion.

  • Introduction

You can repeat the prompt in your own words to introduce the question or topic. Then tell us three main points (or arguments), that you will present in body paragraphs. The thesis statement should be the last sentence of an Introduction. It should only be one sentence long and must present a strong argument.

  • 3 Body Paragraphs

You may recall an old rule which states “1 idea – One body paragraph!” It is required here. It is mandatory that you make an argument and explain how it connects to your thesis. Please include any data, statistics, and personal experiences that may be useful in supporting different claims.

  • Conclusion part

Summarizing the main points of each paragraph so that even complex information is easier to comprehend. In closing paragraph, don’t introduce new ideas. Change the words used to express your thesis statement so that they are clear to your target audience. The final sentence should address facts or an issue so that the audience is encouraged to investigate more.

  • Try to be as specific and precise as possible when representing different ideas or arguments.
  • Avoid using general sentences. Give examples that show that you are prepared for the task at hand and demonstrate strategic thinking and analytical skills.
  • For proofreading and editing, make sure to use short sentences. Also, strict word count can make things go beyond the allowed limit.

Step-by – Guide on How to Write Diagnostic Essays

The first step to writing a diagnostic essay is to learn the necessary structure and list of things you should consider. Writing this kind of essay requires precision and organization to demonstrate your writing skills. These assignments are used by academic experts to evaluate your ability with analysis and structure. Here are the basics to help you write your diagnostic essay.

Select your Topic. This is where you must either respond to a prompt, or choose something you find inspiring. One example is to write about challenges students face while learning remotely. Another example is to talk about the problems with racial prejudice in society. It is important that your topic choice asks a question about the subject or presents a significant problem. This will allow you to “diagnose” it and share some thoughts.

Make a strong thesis statement. You must consider a thesis statement that accurately reflects your viewpoint on your topic. A thesis statement can be described as a central point or an explanation of how you view things. It is a good idea to begin with your thesis statement. Take a look at the arguments and reasons you have to back up your ideas. It must include the “because …” portion that supports you thesis.

Sketch. Although you may not have the time to complete this step, it will help you keep your thoughts organized. This is a great method to not only write down important ideas but also helps you remember them later. Each paragraph should contain one idea. If you adhere to this rule, it’s impossible to exceed the word count or broaden your topic.

Thinking About Introduction. The hook sentence or catchy phrase you use to start your diagnostic essay should be a catchy one that will inspire your readers. Be sure to introduce your subject, and then explain its significance or relevance for society. This is also the place where your thesis should be stated. It must be connected with your thesis statement. It could sound odd, which is not good!

Topic Sentences Within Your Body Paragraphs. Unless specified otherwise, you must include at least 3 body paragraphs. This section is where you share relevant facts, examples, and real-life stories. Provide evidence to support and explain your position. Use any sources. Always give credit to the original source.

Conclusion. Here is where you will summarize your thoughts. It must be clear and concise. Do not introduce new ideas. Simply mention your key findings as if they were bullet points. Do not repeat yourself and keep your conclusion to a minimum of 10% of the total word count.

Proofreading. You can’t ignore this part. It helps you avoid both major and small mistakes. You must read your essay aloud, and then start the editing section before you proofread. This is what determines how good your essay will sound. As you read your essay aloud, be critical and double-check the work with your prompt or grading system.

A good diagnostic paper isn’t as hard as any other type of essay you may have to write. It is not necessary to conduct research or synthesize data from academic sources. Although you can include external data or statistics, this is not a requirement. You must feel inspired to write and use good grammar and structure. Your writing should be clear, concise, and easily understood. We’ll stop here and talk about 25 popular diagnostic essay topics. But, remember that you can always get your papers delivered on time at Boompapers!

Here are the top 25 diagnostic essay topics

Although many university professors in America offer prompts for students, there are some who prefer to allow them to think, make, and analyze their ideas to see if they come up with something. Pick something that best suits your course, or choose something that truly demonstrates your skills and knowledge. Take a look at several topics for diagnosis essays to find your own ideas. Here are some examples of diagnostic essay prompts from various disciplines.

Society and Computers

  • Social media: Is it helpful or detrimental to physical communications between people using them?
  • Should American youth be allowed to drink alcohol at a lower age?
  • What are the advantages of distance learning education over traditional learning methods?
  • Is there a difference between racial prejudice and physiology?
  • What do you think social networking will look like in 10 years time?

Healthcare and Nursing

  • How does college influence the sleep habits of students today?
  • What nursing theories have influenced me, and how can I anticipate my own social input?
  • How can the stress levels of employees in an ER unit be reduced?
  • Are traditional medicines acceptable?
  • Is it ethical for nurses to be truthful or correct politically?

Business Management

  • Why do most businesses choose to outsource their business solutions?
  • How to avoid gender bias at work
  • What are the pros & cons of outsourcing?
  • Can social media presence help companies succeed or do they violate their privacy because of the digital footprint?
  • It is not possible to have a successful business without good employers. However, you need a strong leader in your team. Are you in agreement?

Political Science

Afghanistan is not a good country for foreign policy.

Is it possible to reach political agreement using mediation?

Do transparency and information from the media help with impartial TV coverage?

What is the most influential person in politics?

Religion and politics do not have much in common and should not co-exist. These are your thoughts? What do you think?

Culture and Education

  • Can electronic books replace traditional print books?
  • How does social networking impact the body image of young people?
  • Are online bloggers journalists?
  • Interactive content can replace traditional teachers?
  • Are there any alternatives to the unified American education system?

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What is the best way to start a diagnostic essay?

Begin by researching your topic and reading about different sources. You don’t need to include any additional information. However, this will help support your thesis. You must be mindful of the plagiarism risks that you may face when using any source. Consider a life or fact you can share with your readers to keep them interested in your writing as you write your diagnostic essay.

How Many paragraphs is a Diagnostic Article?

It should contain five paragraphs. They will be an introduction and thesis statement, followed by three body paragraphs and then a conclusion. The professor at college may request that you only include three paragraphs. This is because your body paragraphs are reduced to one paragraph.

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