Subject(s): Mathematics–Mathematics – Other

A ferris wheel has a diameter of 10 m and takes 24 sec to make one revolution. The lowest point on the wheel is 1 m above the ground. (8 marks)

a. Sketch a graph to show how a rider’s height above the ground varies with time as the ferris wheel makes a rotation. Assume the person starts the ride at the lowest point on the wheel.

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b. Write a trigonometric equation that describes the graph. (steps are required)

c. Check the accuracy of your equation by using t = 12 sec. Explain why this provides a check of the accuracy of the equation. What are two more values that would provide a good check?



The president uses technology to produce the following random numbers.

Determine the numbers for faculty members who will be included in the sample.
The numbers for the faculty members are

enter your response here.


Let U = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14};
For P= {1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, Q = (1, 6, 11}, and R = (3, 6, 10, 11},
1) PUQ
2) Pn(QUR)=
3) (PnQ’) U(QnR’) =



1. Compute the multiplicative inverse mod 216 of 5.

2. Compute φ(2223)


There are 49 dogs signed up for a dog show. There are 36 more small dogs than large dogs. How many small dogs have signed up to compete?




Your business requests a 3-month loan for $500,000. What will be the interest paid at the end of the term if the business risk percentage is assessed at 2.2% and LIBOR is at 2.8%?


The mean of 100 bank customers’ waiting times for teller service is 5.8 minutes with a standard deviation of 1.5. What time range would represent about a 95% probability customer waiting time?

Assignment 7 (UNIT IV) / 5
Clearly label all cases (a, b and c). Show all your work. You can type your solutions
and answers. Neat handwriting is perfectly acceptable. Please submit your
assignment as ONE PDF file on D2L.
A triangular plot of land is enclosed by a fence. One side of the fence is 6.7 m long with an
opposite angle of . An adjacent side of the fence is 5.2 m long with an opposite angle of .
a) Make a sketch of the situation.
b) Determine to the nearest degree.
6. Cost-Benefit Analysis – conduct a cost-benefit analysis using the payback method and the net present value method for a project that will require $10,000 in capital outlay, $30,000 in equipment, and $10,000 in training during the first year. Each subsequent year will incur additional labor cost of $5,000 per year, reduce material costs by $15,000, and increase revenue by $20,000 per year. Assume NPV is discounted by 5%. Please include your formula for the payback method and an image of the excel table you create for the net present value method.
a. Payback Method –