What is a Synthesis Essay Outline Pdf? 

How To Write A Perfect Synthesis Essay Outline W/Examples

A synthesis essay outline pdf is a plan that helps you organize the structure of your paper before writing begins. This is basically a plan that outlines the content of your paper. A synopsis for a synthesis essay would start with an introduction heading. Then, add an “attention grabber”, and a thesis statement. Next, explain the purpose of each paragraph within the body. You should include information about multiple items. The outline should also include your conclusion. This outline should contain your argument.

A synthesis essay outline pdf is vital because it allows the writer coordinate their thoughts and organizes them. An outline is essential for college essays. Without it, the paper can flow poorly or become too focused. Structure and an outline are useful tools that help writers ensure they have all the information they need and that the information is clear, logical, and concise.

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Which format should I use for a Synthesis Outline pdf?

A synthesis essay requires numerous elements. This is how a synthesis essay should look.


  • Attention-grabbing statement/hook
  • Here are the main arguments/points.
  • Your thesis statement should be stated

Paragraph 1

  • These are the main ideas
  • Do you have any evidence?
  • Explanation/analysis

Paragraph 2 in the Body

  • These are the main ideas
  • Do you have any evidence?
  • Explanation/analysis

Paragraph 3 in the Body

  • These are the main ideas
  • Do you have any evidence?
  • Explanation/analysis


  • Reiterate/summarize main points
  • Statement of thesis

A clear, concise, and easy-to-follow template makes it easier to write the actual synthesis essay. Without an outline, writing a synthesis essay is a daunting task. Even if your word count is limited, a synthesis outline can help you plan how many words each section will need.

Synthesis Essay Outline Pdf

How to Write a Synthesis Essay | Full Guide by HandmadeWriting

Before you begin writing other material, a synopsis is essential. Many people just want to write and do not think it’s necessary to have an outline. Actually, it is the opposite. While you don’t have to submit a synopsis for your project, it is recommended that you do. You can plan each paragraph with a synopsis. You can analyze the flow and word count and plan where each paragraph should go.

It is much easier to write the actual essays once you have completed the outline. Your outline is the foundation of your essay. It helps you stay on task. If you have an outline, you won’t experience writer’s block and have to struggle to find the right place for something.

By creating a summary outline, you are actually separating two skills in essay-writing. First, focus on the ideas and points. Next, you can focus on the words and how they are presented. This will result in a structured essay that is less likely to be rambling. When creating an essay outline, it is important to not rush. These are some helpful tips to help you create your essay outline.

The introduction should not exceed one paragraph. The introduction should not exceed 10%, regardless of how many words you have. Your introduction should not exceed 200 words if your word count is 2000 words. Your thesis statement should focus more on the main idea of your essay outline when introducing it. The introduction should not contain everything. A writer might feel it unnecessary to read the rest.

When planning your main body, each paragraph should be focused on one idea or thought. All supporting evidence must be credible and appropriately referenced in accordance with the writing style. If you’re using exact words from another source, or person, these should be put in quotation marks. Make sure to note all sources when you are creating your essay outline. This will help you remember where the quote or piece of information came from.

Your conclusion should not exceed 10%. Your conclusion should be clear and concise. It should not exceed 10% of the total word count. You should not add new information here. In the introduction and body, you should simply summarize what you’ve already said.

How to create a Synthesis Essay Outline pdf.

A synthesis essay outline pdf, as we’ve seen, is a way to plan your essay structure before you begin writing. Some people prefer to write the essay synopsis on paper. This allows them to keep their thoughts and ideas clear. They cross out and draw arrows. Many people can use this outline to get started writing. Others might copy the outline of an essay on paper and type it into a word processor to create a formal synopsis.

Some people start by researching and then build the framework. Some prefer to research the topic first, then sketch out their ideas and return to their research to find evidence. These are just a few suggestions for how to create the best synthesis essay outline pdf.

  • It is possible to do some research on the subject.
  • Be creative and think outside the box.
  • Decide what stance you want to adopt.
  • Your three main ideas will be the body of your essay.
  • Be sure to mention the evidence and sources that support each idea.
  • Write your outline. Next, create your introduction. Next, determine how long and what the introduction should be.
  • To outline the body of your essay, refer back to your brainstorming. Include any locations or sources later.
  • Make a note of what your conclusion contains. Next, determine how many words (10%) you will need.


How you cite your sources will depend on the style you use. Depending on whether your writing style is MLA, APA, or another, you will need to add a list to the end of your essay in order to credit your research sources. The bibliography and citations list may take up to 2 pages and should be included after the conclusion.

Synthesis Essay Example MLA

Here is a sample MLA style synopsis template:

  • Font 12pt. Double-spaced Times New Roman font.
  • Make sure to leave a 1″ margin. Include your surname and page number in the upper right corner of every page.
  • Center your title.
  • In the header, include your full name, the name of your professor, the code/number of your course, and the date (in the format: dd/mm/yy).
  • Your last page should be called “Works Cited”.

Synthesis Essay Example APA Style

These are some tips to help you remember when creating an APA format.

  • Font 12pt. Double-spaced Times New Roman font.
  • A header should be added to every page.
  • The page number should be located at the top right-hand side.
  • Include your references in the structure

What is a Synthesis Essay?

How to Write an Essay

These papers are required in many fields, including computing and the natural sciences. For this type of paper, the writer must gather information from many sources in order to form an argumentative thesis. These documents are created by writers who discuss their ideas, evidence, and data in order to explain or advocate something new.

Students in high school or college often require these papers. They usually consist of five paragraphs. These questions, or theses, are often influenced by the subjective opinions of their author. By supporting their argument with data and evidence, the writer attempts to prove his point. There are two types of these papers. These papers come in two types: explanatory synthesis texts or argumentative synthesis essays.

These are the main characteristics of the synthesis essay.

  • Debatable topic. If you are going to write a good synthesis paper, it is crucial to pick an argument-able topic. It is important to choose a topic that people are divided on. This will allow you to combine different perspectives from multiple sources for your synthesis.
  • A thesis statement that is clear and concise. It is a sentence that summarises the main idea of your essay.
  • Use reliable sources for supporting your thesis. A synthesis essay is more than just your opinion. It is important to find the evidence. It is not enough to just browse an online encyclopedia. You must ensure that you only use reliable sources.

Explanatory Synthesis Essays vs. Argumentative – The Difference

It is a good rule of thumb to use the same formatting for both argumentative and explanatory synthesis texts. They serve different purposes.

Argumentative An essay that is argumentative has the same structure and structure as an argumentative essay. The thesis can only support one argument.

Explanatory An explanation essay uses multiple sources to explain one viewpoint. This essay examines objectively the similarities and differences among ideas. The writer will not convince the reader that one side or the other is superior.

Synthesis Essay Outline Pdf Structure

A synthesis essay should consist of five paragraphs. There are some things you need to know about structuring an essay in this format. These are the details that you should know about structuring a synthesis essay.

Synthesis Writing

The introduction is just like any other part of a synthesis paper. The introduction paragraph summarizes the main ideas of the author and focuses on what the essay is about. This paragraph gives an overview of the topic as well as the main ideas. It also contains some resources. It is used to introduce the argument. In a few sentences, the thesis statement summarizes your primary argument. This section is usually the last before the main body begins.

The writer must catch the attention of the reader in order to write an engaging and high-quality introduction. This can be done by using a catchy hook or statement. The writer can then briefly address the points. A synthesis essay introduction should be captivating and intriguing. It should also provide readers with enough intrigue to want to know more.

The main body

The body of a synthesis essay typically has three paragraphs. The first two paragraphs serve to synthesize information supporting your argument. The third paragraph usually acknowledges opposing arguments. While the introduction and conclusion are important, it is the body that will present all of your arguments in detail to the reader. The body should support the ideas that the writer has presented. The best example has a main body with information, evidence, and other pertinent details.

The conclusion

Your conclusion summarizes your arguments and points in a synthesis essay. You might highlight each point, or cite resources to support them. A writer should know their conclusion before they begin to write the synopsis. Your conclusion should not be difficult to write if you have done all the planning. The writer should remind the reader of the purpose of their essay by reiterating their thesis statement. Writers should briefly summarize their main points and add reiterations.

How do I write an introduction to a synthesis essay

Now it’s time to start writing your paper. Your essay introduction can include:

  • A short, catchy, but memorable sentence or a quote to introduce the topic. The opening of your essay should grab people’s attention. It is important to make your essay informative and understandable.
  • Text of the essay. It is necessary to list the titles and authors of each essay.
  • This section provides background information necessary for understanding your essay. This section may contain definitions and undefined words that are related to the topic. If this isn’t done, people may have trouble understanding what they’re reading.

How do you write a thesis in a synthesis essay

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thesis statement is your opinion on a problem that you are addressing in your essay. This should contain the key points that you want to include in your paper. These are some suggestions to help you write the perfect thesis statement.

  • Identify the position you wish to defend. A synthesis matrix will make this easier.
    • This chart illustrates several key ideas.
    • Choose the most commonly used ones, and include those you feel are essential in your essay.
    • The combination of them will produce a thesis statement which contains all the key points.
  • Your thesis statement should be written. Write down your main idea for your essay.
  • You can extend this idea. This idea can be further developed and made more interesting by adding details.

If everything is coherent and conveys your goals, this is the ideal thesis statement. Here’s an example:


Gender inequality persists at the workplace: Women are less likely to be promoted than men, to lose their jobs quickly due to maternity leave, and to receive the same pay.

How to create Synthesis Paragraphs within the Main Body

Your main body should only contain a few paragraphs. Each paragraph will present a different argument depending upon the topic. A topic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph. This tells the reader your main idea. Next, take the synthesized resources and build on them.

How to Conclude a Synthesis Essay

There are many options for how to end a Synthesis paper. These are some of the options.

  • Paraphrase your thesis. The thesis should be your main idea. This is an excellent place to remind your readers. After they finish reading, they will be able to recall the most important parts of your essay.
  • Next, you will need to synthesize your arguments. It doesn’t mean you have to repeat every word of your essay. These are the most important points.
  • Answer the question, “So what?” Tell the reader why you choose this topic, and why it is beneficial to them.
  • Provide closure. This is a great way to stimulate thought. A strong conclusion should be included in your essay.

Synthesis Paper Proofreading Tips

There’s still one thing to do after you have finished your paper. You should make sure to check your paper for any grammatical and contextual errors. You can check it yourself, but it is much better to have someone else review it. You should first check for grammar errors. For a synthesis essay, you don’t have to use the same tense. It all depends upon the format.

  • If you’re writing in MLA format, use the present tense
  • For APA essays, the past tense will be used.

Next, ensure that your synthesis essay includes all necessary information. To help you proofread your essays, we have created a list of questions.

  • Is the thesis statement clear?
  • Did you include all key points in your synthesis?
  • Do you see clear transitions among paragraphs?
  • Did you ever arrange a paragraph around a single idea?
  • Do you have reliable and up-to-date information sources?
  • Did you actually take the time to look at and analyze each source?
  • Did you list all sources you used?

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