What is an essay outline pdf? It’s Important!

Synthesis Essay Outline and Template. What makes up the synthesis essay?  The synthesis question requires a PERSUASIVE ARGUMENT. -You are presenting  your. - ppt download

The synthesis essay outline pdf will help you plan the structure of your paper prior to you begin writing. It’s basically a plan of what you will write. An example synopsis would be a summary of a synthesis paper that begins with an introduction. An “attention grabber” will be below this, as well as a thesis. Next, describe the purpose for each paragraph in your body. It is important that you include information about multiple items. You should also outline your conclusion. This outline should summarize your argument.

It is important to have an outline for college essays. This allows the writer organize their thoughts and coordinate them. A paper that is not structured or organized can lead to poor flow and a lack of focus. Writing a paper without an outline or structure is a good way to ensure that you have all the information necessary and that it flows well.

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What format is best for a Synthesis Outline pdf structure?

A synthesis essay requires numerous elements. This is how a synthesizing essay should look.


  • Attention-grabbing statement/hook
  • The main arguments and points will be briefly mentioned.
  • Your thesis statement

Paragraph 1.

  • The main ideas
  • Do you have proof?
  • Explanation/analysis

Paragraph 2, Body

  • The main ideas
  • Do you have proof?
  • Explanation/analysis

Paragraph 3 from the Body

  • The main ideas
  • Do you have proof?
  • Explanation/analysis


  • Reiterate/summarize main points
  • Statement of thesis

Writing the actual synthesis essay is much easier if you have a simple, clear template. A synthesis essay can be difficult to write if there is no outline. An outline of synthesis can be helpful to plan the number of words in each section, even if it is limited.

Synthesis Essay Outline Pdf

Synthesis Essay: Outline, Topics, and Examples

Before you can start writing other material, it is important to have a summary. Most people are happy to get on with writing, and don’t believe it necessary to create an outline. In fact, the reverse is true. It is not mandatory to submit a synopsis. You can plan every paragraph by creating a synopsis. Analyzing the flow and word count will allow you to plan each point.

After you have created the synthesis essay outline pdf, it will be easier to start writing the actual synthesis essays. The outline acts as the basis of your essay and keeps you on track. An outline will help you avoid writer’s blocks and make it easier to plan your essay.

A summary outline is a way to separate two skills in essay writing. Focusing on the points and ideas is the first step. The next step is to focus on the ideas and points. A well-structured essay will be more effective than one that is rambling. You should not rush to create an essay outline. Here are some tips to help with your essay outline.

One paragraph should suffice for your introduction. No matter how many words your introduction contains, it should not exceed 10 percent. The introduction should not exceed 2000 words. You should concentrate more on one main idea in your essay outline than your thesis statement when introducing your thesis. Your introduction shouldn’t be comprehensive. If it’s not, the writer might decide that the essay is too long.

Each paragraph should only focus on one idea when you plan the main body of your outline. All supporting evidence should be credible, and properly referenced according the writing style. You should put them in quotation marks if they are exact words taken from another source. You should keep track of all the sources you use when creating an essay outline.

The conclusion should not exceed 10%. The conclusion should clearly state to the reader that it is the last paragraph and not the main body paragraph. This is not the right place to add more information. You can summarize what you already have in the introduction or body.

Create a Synthesis Essay Outline Pdf Here

Hone Your Writing Skills with These Simple Tips & Tricks

As you can see, a synthesis essay outline pdf helps to organize your essay structure prior to you start writing. Some prefer to write out their essay synopsis in pencil, so that they can focus on the writing. They make arrows and cross out things. This will allow many people to begin writing. Others might take the outline from the paper-based essay and copy it, then put it in a computer to create an official synopsis.

Many people first research the topic and then set up the framework. Others prefer to read the topic and then draw their ideas. Then they return to their research to find the evidence. These are some tips to help you create the perfect synthesis essay outline.

  • There are many resources available to help you learn more about the subject.
  • Get creative and come up with new ideas.
  • Decide which position or conclusion you want.
  • To make the essay body, choose three of your main ideas
  • Please list all sources and evidence that support your idea.
  • Your outline should be written first. Next, you will need to write your introduction. The introduction should be no more than 5 pages long.
  • Your brainstorming ideas can be used to help you outline the body. Remember to include any references or locations later.
  • Note the contents of your conclusion. Take a note of the contents of your conclusion. Next, calculate how many words (10%) are needed.


Your style will dictate how you cite sources. Depending on the style you use, you’ll need to include a list of citations at the end to credit your research. The bibliography or citations list can be as long as two pages long and appears after the conclusion.

Synthesis Essay Example MLA

Here’s an example synopsis template in MLA style.

  • Double-spaced Times New Roman font 12pt.
  • Use 1″ margins. Your surname and page number should be included in the upper right corner.
  • Center your title.
  • Include your full name, professor’s name and date in the header (in dd/mm/yy format).
  • Your final page should have the title “Works cited”.

Synthesis Essay Example APA Style

These are the things you should remember when you need to create an APA template.

  • Font, Times New Roman 12pt.
  • To the top of each page, add a header.
  • The page number should be at the top left hand side.
  • It is important to include references.

What’s the Synthesis Essay?

These types of papers can be used for many subjects, including computing and natural science. To write this type of paper, the writer must draw on multiple sources to develop an argumentative thesis. To explain or argue something, writers create these documents by discussing their ideas and data.

These papers are required for college and high school students. They are usually five paragraphs long. These questions or theses often reflect the subjective opinions and views of the author. To prove their point, the writer will use evidence and data to support it. There are two types. These papers can either be argumentative synthesis essays, or explanatory text.

These are the core characteristics of the Synthesis Essay:

  • Debatable subject. You must choose an argument-able topic to create a strong synthesis paper. Choose something that is open to different opinions. This will allow for you to use different perspectives and sources in your synthesis.
  • The thesis statement is the key idea in your essay.
  • Use credible sources to support your thesis. For a synthesis essay, your opinion is not enough. It is crucial to locate the evidence. An online encyclopedia isn’t enough. Be sure to choose reliable sources

Explanatory and Argumentative Synthesis Essays – What’s the Difference?

As a rule of thumb, you should use the same format when writing both explanatory and argumentative syntheses texts. They serve different purposes.

Argumentative An argumentative article follows the same structure that an argumentative essay. The thesis will argue only one point.

Explanatory An essay that uses multiple sources in order to explain a viewpoint is called an explanatory essay. This essay examines both the similarities and the differences between ideas objectively. The writer will not attempt to convince the reader one side is superior to the other.

Synthesis Essay Structure

A synthesis essay should contain five paragraphs. Here are some tips to help you structure your essay in this format. These are the details about how to structure an essay in a synthesis format.

Introduction and Synthesis Writing

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As with any other piece of writing, the introduction is the beginning of a synthesis essay. The introduction paragraph provides a summary of the author’s main ideas and focuses attention on the essay. It gives an overview of both the topic and its main ideas. It also includes some resources. This statement introduces the argument. The thesis statement is a brief summary of the primary argument. This is often the last section before the main body starts.

Writers must attract the attention of readers to create engaging and quality introductions. A hook or statement is a way to do this. The writer can then briefly explain the points. The ideal introduction to a synthesis essay should be interesting and intrigue readers, so that they are eager for more information.

The main body

The body of the synthesis essay will usually have three paragraphs. The first and second paragraphs are for synthesis of information that supports your argument. The third paragraph often acknowledges oppositional arguments. The introduction and conclusion are crucial, but the body is where you will be presenting all your arguments in detail. This section should back up any ideas put forward by the author. The best example includes a main body, which contains information, evidence and other pertinent details.

The conclusion

The conclusion is the summary of all your points and arguments. It’s a summary of what you have written in a synthesis article. Each point might be highlighted or supported by sources. Writers must be familiar with their conclusion when writing the synopsis. It shouldn’t take long to write your conclusion if you have done the necessary planning. Reiterating the thesis statement is a good way to remind readers about the purpose and goals of your essay. The writer should summarize the key points of their essay and include repetitions.

How to create an introduction for a Synthesis Essay

Now it is time for you to start writing the paper. You can use these words to introduce your essay:

  • A catchy but concise sentence or quote that introduces the topic. Your essay’s opening must grab attention. Your essay should be informative and easily understood. This is the best way to get people reading it.
  • The text of the essay. List the title and author of the essay.
  • This section includes background information that will help you understand your essay. This section can include definitions and undefined terms related to the topic. This section can contain definitions or undefined words that may be helpful to people who are unable to understand what they are reading.

How to create a thesis for your synthesis essay

An thesis declaration states your view on a specific problem you will defend in your essay. It should outline the main points of your paper. These tips will help you craft the perfect thesis statement.

  • Identify the position which you want to defend. A synthesis matrix will help you to identify the position that you want to defend.
    • The chart includes several key ideas.
    • It is important that you choose the most common ones and those that are most relevant to your essay.
    • These points can be combined to create a thesis statement.
  • Write your thesis statement. Write down the main idea you want to communicate in your essay.
  • This idea can be extended. To make the idea even more intriguing, you can add details.

This is the best thesis statement to use if your entire message is cohesive. The following example illustrates this:


Gender inequality persists in work: Women are less likely that men to be promoted, lose jobs easily due to maternity leaves, or receive the exact same salary.

How do you write Synthesis Paragraphs for the Main Body

Only a few paragraphs make up the main body of an essay. Each paragraph presents a different argument depending the topic. The topic sentence should be the beginning of each paragraph. This gives the reader information about your main idea. Next, you will add the synthesized materials and continue to expand on them.

How to End A Synthesis Essay

There are many ways you can end a synthesis paper. Take a look at these options.

  • Paraphrase your thesis. Remember, your thesis is your main idea. It’s a great place for reminding your readers. When they are done reading, they will recall what the most important section of your essay was.
  • Then, combine the arguments. Your essay doesn’t need to be repeated every word. These are the most crucial points.
  • Answer the question “So What?” Tell readers why you think this topic is important, what motivated you to choose it, and why they will benefit from it.
  • Don’t forget to close the deal. This is a good way to get the reader thinking. The conclusion of your essay should contain a strong statement.

Synthesis Paper Proofreading Tips

Once you’re done with your paper, here’s another thing. Check your paper for grammar and context errors. Although you can do it yourself, it is more beneficial to have someone else look at it. Your grammar should be checked for any errors. Your synthesis essay doesn’t necessarily have to be written in one tense. It all depends on how you format your essay.

  • If you’re using MLA format formatting, use the present tense
  • The past tense can be used in APA essays.

Next, make sure your synthesis essay has all the information you need. You can proofread your essays by using a checklist of questions.

  • Does the thesis statement convey a clear message?
  • Did you include all the important points in the synthesis
  • Do you see clear transitions in paragraphs?
  • Have you ever organized a paragraph around an idea?
  • Can you trust reliable, current sources of information?
  • Did you really take the time and analyse all of your sources, not just summarize them?
  • Did you make a list of every source you used?

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