Tableau Visualizations for affordability of food datasets

Hackathon – Data Visualization & Analysis This year COMM3511 course in the Rowe School of Business (Dalhousie University Faculty of Management) is hosting a Data Challenge assignment (mini-case #2). The contest will take place from Tuesday June 28th until Tuesday July 5th by 11:59pm. This term, students will choose ONE from the following datasets: Affordability of Healthy Food; Fishing; Gender Gap. We are challenging students to create a story in a poster format based on your analysis on the dataset. The challenge statements for each dataset can guide on developing the story. The story should be compelling, creative, informative, and easy to understand. Students must use graphs/visualizations to complement the story. These visualizations should be done in Tableau. Refer to submission instructions at the end of this document for more details. The challenge statements for each dataset are below. Please refer to the course website for access to the datasets and other relevant information about the data: 1. Affordability of Healthy Food Descriptively Analyze the datasets in this topic to explore: (i) Where do people struggle to afford a healthy diet? (Use the latest year of the dataset to visually represent this information and identify meaningful comparisons for your story) (ii) How do daily median incomes compare with the cost of a healthy diet? (Any insights?) (iii) What is the share of the consumer expenditure spent on food? (Meaningful comparisons) (iv) How do food and energy prices (i.e., petroleum) compare? (Any relationship/insights) (v) Create your own quest

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