The Aeneid Essays

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Why Refugees Matter: Nationhood in The Aeneid Anonymous College

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The Aeneid

The Roman Empire expanded greatly during the reign of Augustus Caesar’s wartime conquests. The Roman people grew stronger by adding new territories to their longstanding empire through each successful military campaign.

Questions of Intervention: Virgil’s Jupiter and Homer’s Zeus Anonymous College

The Aeneid

Homer’s Zeus and Jupiter of Virgil are similar in that they both are the most powerful beings, tasked to ensure that the fates of the protagonists are fulfilled in their respective epics. There are many…


The Aeneid Ira I. Thiessen College: Venus’ Expression of Love

The Aeneid

There are many ways to love. It is difficult to define love in one word, given the multitude of aspects it encompasses. It is best to define love by dividing it like the Greeks did into…


The Similarities and Distinctions of Odysseus and Aeneas Daniel Kekes-Szabo College

The Aeneid

Virgil’s Aeneid is a parallel to The Iliad, and The Odyssey. However, the plot of the epic shares many similarities with both poems. Aeneas in Virgil’s epic is very different from Odysseus’s Odyssey epic in terms of character and action. There are some…


Is Aeneas a Good Warriors? David Taylor

The Aeneid

Virgil begins with a song about arms and the man, who is fated to become an exile. It is precisely this issue that the most recent critical debate has tended to center. Scholars disagree about whether Aeneas is…


Aeneas and the Reinvention Of The Hero Anonymous

The Aeneid

Modern readers approach epics with certain expectations and standards. One’s literary appetite is used to a certain level of satisfaction.


Michael Shen: The Facets Of Passion and Duty

The Aeneid

Virgils The Aeneid is full of the theme of duty. It is a vital character trait that plays a significant role in the lives of those we meet. Let’s take Aeneas as an example and examine his stubborn adherence to his destiny


An Analysis of Vergil’s Aeneid II.248-259 Alex Hoffer

The Aeneid

This passage is from Vergil’s Aeneid. It’s Aeneas’ tale to Dido in which the Trojan leader describes his city, comrades and the night Sinon freed the Greeks from their Trojan Horse and opened the gate to the Greek armies at the beach. Aeneas…


Two Treatments for a Woman Who Scorned Alex Hoffer

The Aeneid

Mythological stories constantly change in cross-cultural and enduring times. However, there are two versions of Dido and Aeneas’ story: one by a shy, serious poet sponsored by the government and the other by a lighthearted author who has a bright future.


Cindy Pang: The Underworld in The Aeneid Versus The Odyssey Cindy Pang

The Aeneid

The Aeneid clearly reflects Homer’s influence on Virgil. The two epic poems share many common features, but the way each depicts the Underworld is different makes for interesting comparison


“I Stood There Alone: A Close Exam at Lines 2.730-2.742 of Virgil’s Aeneid Jessica Hindman

The Aeneid

Lines 2.730-2.742 of Virgil’s Aeneid Aeneas describe the terror he felt when he realized that Troy was being overthrown by the Greeks. These ten lines are Virgil’s careful use of diction to portray a lonely Aeneas pause for a…


Serpent Imagery in Virgil’s Aeneid Ravi Ramaswamy

The Aeneid

The serpent is a key image in Virgil’s Aeneid. It appears both metaphorically and realistically. The serpent symbol is both a sign of deception and a harbinger for death. These are the two elements that the snake represents…


Aeneas and Turnus and the Greater Labor Anonymous

The Aeneid

Virgil introduces The Aeneid as a post-Homeric epic. This epic immortalizes both a hero’s glory and the foundations of a people. The Aeneid’s scope can be compared to that of the Oresteia Of Aeschylus which examines the origins of…


The Women of Virgil’s Aeneid Maryana Lyakhovetsky

The Aeneid

The Aeneid of Virgil describes the hardships and triumphs of Aeneas, and the Trojan people on their journey to Italy from Troy. This journey is reminiscent of Odysseus’ epic adventures. Virgil takes Homer’s narrative style from Homer and tells a story that is…


The Goals of the Divine Charles Chen

The Aeneid

Both Virgil’s The Aeneid as well as the books Genesis and Exodus, the Old Testament’s books, provide powerful testimony to the universal knowledge of the pagan Roman gods. Revealing…


Witchy Women: Female Magic, Otherness and Western Literature Rose Roll

The Aeneid

Stories of women who are magic-wielders and sorceresses are common in mythology and literature of cultures that promote the gendered binary culture over nature, activity over passiveivity, reason over superstition, and culture over gender. These patriarchal societies ,…


Lavinia: The Rightful King Of Rome Anonymous

The Aeneid

The gods’ messenger Mercury tells Aeneas in Book IV of Virgil’s epic The Aeneid that “an ever uncertain and unconstant thing, woman” (IV.768-7). Aeneas travels from Troy’s ruin to Latium’s potential glory, and he…


How can the Aeneid’s demands for empire be seen as changing the Homeric epic’s characteristics? Eleanor Turney

The Aeneid

There are many characteristics to Homeric epic, but they can be boiled down to two key elements: A focus on one hero (Achilles or Odysseus respectively) and the need to reach that hero…


Surrey’s Achievements and Innovations in His Aeneid Elizabeth HayesSmith

The Aeneid

Elizabeth Smith


Professor Colin Dickey


Eng 640


22 October, 2006


Surrey’s Achievements and Innovations in His Aeneid


Henry Howard, Earl de Surrey, is considered the inventor of English blank verse. He also translated books II, IV and V of…


Comparison of Female Figures in Samson Agonistes & The Aeneid Liezel Labios

The Aeneid

Milton and Virgil both depict a political hierarchy in which power belongs to men, not women. A woman holding power or influence in a nation where men are the only leaders is considered unnatural.


Mortal Women and Furor in Aeneid Robin Bates

The Aeneid

“Hell has no fury like the woman scorned,” this popular saying was paraphrased by William Congreve from The Mourning Bride. It was written almost 1600 years after Vergil wrote Vergil’s Aeneid. The Aeneid explored the relationship in the quote.


The Aeneid: A Criticism of Rome’s Founding Through a Pyrrhic Victory Jennifer Bress

The Aeneid

The Aeneid is Virgil’s well-known myth about events leading to the founding and establishment of Rome. It seems that there are two voices in the Aeneid. While Virgil’s friendship to Augustus, one of Rome’s greatest emperors, and the historical period may have had…


Repetition in Aeneid Marisol Portillo

The Aeneid

The Aeneid has a repetition policy


The repetition of Greek Architecture, the repetition of Olympian Gods and even Greek Literature was a key component of Ancient Rome. However, this does not mean that Roman culture was a knockoff.


The Aeneid Anonymous: Artwork and Creation

The Aeneid

How can warfare and art be reconciled It seems that art is not appropriate for the battlefield. There, men are too focused on survival and personal glory to enjoy aesthetic appreciation. Combining art and Aeneas’ shield in…

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