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Do you need to write a paper about Homer’s Odyssey? Do you feel lost among the many themes that the poem covers? Perhaps you’re looking for examples or prompts for your Odyssey essay?

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The list of top Odyssey essay topics was created by our team. We can also provide you with insightful prompts as well as useful examples to help create a great paper.


Take a look at our site to find the best ideas. Our The Odyssey essay prompts will make your writing experience more enjoyable.


Essay Topics

What makes Odysseus an epic hero?

Analyze Odysseus’ personality. What are the character traits that make Odysseus an epic hero? Explain why Odysseus is still one of the most talked about heroes over thousands of years.

Homeric similes in The Odyssey

Define Homeric similes and give examples from The Odyssey book. Why did these similes exist? Describe the role similies play in the text. What is the difference between Homeric similes and those we use in regular communication?

The Odyssey: The role of women

Analyze Odysseus’ interactions with all women he met on his journey to Ithaca. What was the role of women in Odysseus’ fate? Compare Penelope with Athena. Penelope waited 20 years for her husband to return, and Penelope remained faithful for 20 years. Athena helped Odysseus overcome his obstacles. Use examples and quotes to support your argument.

What can readers learn from Odysseus’ journey?

Ithaca’s main character is filled with adventures on his trip to Ithaca. Your observations will help you to explain the useful information the poem provides the readers. To make your essay stand out, don’t forget to use convincing arguments and quotes.

The Odyssey’s theme of loyalty

Compare and contrast Penelope’s perception of faithfulness with Odysseus. Penelope remained completely dedicated to her husband. What did Odysseys do to prove his faithfulness to his wife’s? Explain to the readers why Odysseus is considered loyal even though he didn’t show loyalty in sexual relationships.

The Illiad is a book that Homer calls The Odyssey.

What is the connection between these two books? Demonstrate the importance of exploring The Odyssey alongside The Illiad, and vice versa. What can these books do to help us learn ancient Greek history? To make your argument more persuasive, support it with relevant evidence.

The secret to The Odyssey’s popularity.

The Odyssey was written around 7th century BC and is still a popular poem. What secrets are behind this book’s popularity? Or is it a plot that’s simply amazing? Perhaps the relevance of the topics? Perhaps it is the professionalism displayed by the author that draws readers’ attention. Ensure you are able to support your argument with appropriate arguments.

Telemachos’ personality development throughout the story.

Analyze the transformation of Telemachos from an immature boy to a strong, independent man over the course of the book. What factors played a key role in his appointment as prince of Ithaca. Compare Telemachos at the beginning and end of The Odyssey book.

The Odyssey opens up to the world of ancient Greek culture.

What can the book do to help us understand the world order in ancient Greece? Comment on the poem’s explanation of the phenomenon known as Greek hospitality. What can readers learn from The Odyssey about Greek mythology? The epic’s significance should be highlighted to modern readers.

The symbolism is a key part of The Odyssey.

The poem is filled with many symbols that Homer amazes readers. Grab three. You can choose from the sea, Odysseus’ bow, or Laertes’ shroud. What does the symbol represent? What does it mean for the symbols to help you follow the hidden context Homer created for The Odyssey?

Essay Samples

Are you looking for inspiration to write an outstanding essay but lack the time? No worries! No worries! Look at our sample essays to get ideas and start writing your paper.


Five Priorities to Live the Wisest Life: Homer’s “The Odyssey”

The Odyssey, which is often dated to 800 BC, covers a range of topics that are relevant to modern readers. Are you curious about what they are? You can see the sample to learn valuable lessons from an old book.

The Aeneid and Iliad Comparisons to the Odyssey Literature

Three iconic works of literature are The Aeneid and The Iliad: The Odyssey, The Iliad and The Aeneid. Are you curious to see what they have in common? Perhaps you’re looking for differences between the books. This essay will answer all your questions.

The Hero’s Journey: The Odyssey vs. Gilgamesh Comparison

One of the most fascinating stories in civilization is still the traditional journey of an epic hero. The Iliad and The Epic of Gilgamesh all feature different heroes who face similar challenges during their adventures. This essay compares these poems in terms plot and characters.

Comparison of Maximus and Odysseus: Heroes

Modern literature features prominent heroes such as Maximus and Odysseus. This paper shows the similarities and differences between these characters. It also argues Maximus is a more heroic hero, and offers evidence.

Homer’s Penelope from “The Odyssey”

Penelope is a perfect example of loyalty, inexhaustible love and unquestionable wisdom. This essay will give you a better understanding of Odusseus and his wife Penelope. Discover her personality and discover the secrets to her devotion to her husband.

The Odyssey: The Relationship Between Gods and Humans

How does The Odyssey’s divine world interact with The real one? What is the relationship between Gods and people? This essay will discuss the relationship between Gods, people, and the epic poem. The book is full of complex interactions between immortal and mortal creatures.

What do the Monsters in The Odyssey Represent?

The Odyssey’s diverse cast of characters will not leave anyone indifferent. Homer introduces monsters to his book, in addition to Gods and people. This paper will help you identify the various creatures in Homer’s epic poem. To refresh your spirituality, learn how Odysseus fights against them.

Penelope and Weaving in Homer’s “The Odyssey”

This essay examines the role of women in society. The virtues of Penelope make her a remarkable character. Find out how her intelligence, loyalty and love make her the perfect wife and queen for Odysseus.

Character Comparison: “Odyssey”, “Scarlett Latter,” “Troy,” “Hamlet”

Is it possible to find the common ground between these two masterpieces of cinematography and world literature? This essay will provide the answer. Each piece of art represents basic human traits throughout history. This essay will explain what we mean.

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