The Stolen Party pdf

Liliana Heker’s “The Stolen Party”, a literary work, demonstrates the cycle between rich and poor that would always suppress people with low incomes. Rosaura, a young Hispanic girl from humble ancestry, is the focus of “The Stolen Party”. Rosaura’s income and Senora Ines’s are the main focus of the story. This clearly shows that there is a significant social gap between these families. The main topic of the story is not about whether a person’s family is wealthy or poor. It is how rich people behave and treat the poor.

The Author

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Liliana Hiker is the author. Born in 1943, she is a native of Buenos Aires (Argentina). She studied science at first, but she left to pursue her passion for writing fiction. When she was just 15, she wanted to be a writer. Other occupations she held included science teacher and translator. Heker’s stories focus on social injustice. Her mother, who sang songs about social inequity while she cleaned her house, is the reason Heker has this theme. “She has a huge repertoire of songs… That’s how I learned my first lesson about social injustice.” (242)

This is a story about Rosaura, who goes to a friend’s birthday party but discovers the harsh limits of class.

Rosaura feels privileged to have been chosen from the other children for the role. Rosaura is proud of her role because she feels special. Rosaura believes that everyone is calling Rosaura desperately because she has unique skills that others children don’t have. To show her enthusiasm, the author uses an expression. It is when everyone calls out her name shouting “Me! me!” to get her food. Rosaura loved this, as she had the power to make a difference in life and death. Senora Ines, Rosaura’s mother, chooses Rosaura to be the poor girl to show everyone that poor people can only serve the rich and give help. Senora Ines instead of appreciating Rosaura’s kindness and humility, she uses her as an extra worker to serve guests.

This world of consumerism makes the wealthy feel superior to those who are lower in social standing. Senora Ines, the character in the story represents the upper class who believe that poor people will never be equal to them. To eradicate discrimination at all levels, humanity needs to make a huge change. It’s amazing that children, even those from humble families, can be affected.

There are many characters in the story that represent different themes and attributes.

Main Characters


A nine-year-old girl, inexperienced and clueless, who doesn’t understand the differences between people. “She was only nine years old” (123). Rosaura was eager to go to the party she had been invited to. ” I’ll die if I don’t go. ” (124) She doesn’t judge people by their wealth, but by who they are. She isn’t afraid to share with people her story of growing up in a poor family. “I’m the daughter of an employee and I’m proud of it” (125)

Senora Ines

Luciana’s mother, Rosaura’s friend, is a member of the upper class who discriminates against the poor. Rosaura’s mother is a maid and she is the lady in the house. Luciana treats Rosaura like a maid at Luciana’s birthday party. Instead of treating her with a treat, she gives her money to assist and attend the party. (128)

Other Characters


Rosaura’s friend, birthday girl, Senora Ines Daughter, Static Character


Rosaura’s mother Senora Ines, Senora’s maid, Static Character


Entertainer, Static Character

The Girl with the Bow

Lucicana’s cousin is Static.

Short Summary

Rosaura is invited by Liliana to her birthday party. She believes they are good friends. However, her mother, who is Liliana’s maid, is against Rosaura attending.

Liliana is at the party and has a heated exchange with Liliana’s cousin in the kitchen.

Rosaura helps Senora Ines with party needs throughout the day; she doesn’t know what she is really being treated like.

The magician and his monkey partner arrived. Rosaura is chosen to perform a magic trick.

Rosaura is disappointed when, upon leaving the party, she receives cash instead of a toy like the rest of her friends.

The importance and role of The Stolen Party PDF

Stories like the stolen party pdf are the foundation of teaching and learning. Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of teaching. It was a way to unite early humans and gave them the answers to their biggest questions about creation, life, death, and the afterlife. Stories are what define, shape, control, and make us. Every culture on the planet is capable of telling stories, even though not all cultures are literate. Storytelling is the most important and natural form of communication, whether it’s in caves or cities. We all tell stories. Your day’s story, your life’s story, your workplace gossip, and the horror stories in the news. Our brains are wired to express and think in terms of a beginning and middle. This is how we see the world. Stories are important because they allow us simulate intense experiences without having to actually live them. Stories teach us lessons that will help us survive and understand the world. They are also socially beneficial. Children can identify with the protagonists and experience events as if it were happening to them. They learn both right and wrong and learn to see the world through others’ eyes.

Learning is only possible when you study stories like the stolen party. A well-planned strategy is essential for effective study. The following study plan can be used to help you synthesize your story.

  1. Research

Researching the background of the novel will help you understand the characters, themes, and plot. You can start by learning about the writer by looking through a biography, newspaper articles or searching online. This will allow you to understand the writer’s motivation and the message they tried to communicate through their work. Next, research the period during which the novel was set. Find out about the political and social conditions at the time.

  1. Read

Instead of taking notes, your first reading should be a simple one. Spend some time thinking about the characters and forming opinions about their behavior. Ask questions about what you’re reading and predict what might happen next. You should ensure that your reading time doesn’t get interrupted so that you can concentrate fully on the story. Don’t be afraid of taking breaks.

  1. Continue reading, taking notes

A second reading of the novel should include a thorough study of all major aspects. To give you a clear picture of the story’s progression, first create a timeline. Next, create character profiles for each main character, adding to them as the story progresses. In the first chapter, the protagonist is likely to be introduced. Note down your initial impressions of the protagonist and include some quotes that highlight particular characteristics. As you read the novel, add to these. Also, identify the main themes and take notes, including quotes, on the way these themes are presented throughout the novel. Some examples of themes include revenge, love and the tragic nature and consequences of war, chaos, order and death, darkness, light and greed, as well as greed being a person’s downfall.

  1. Evaluate

Ask your tutor or teacher to give you examples of essay questions about your novel. Or, create your own topics to discuss the story and its characters. Next, go through your notes and find the material you need to answer the questions. You can add further evidence by quoting or explaining specific parts of the novel. Once you have compiled your notes, write essays answering your questions. Ask your tutor, classmates, or teacher to give feedback and help you improve your answers. This will help you get a better grade and polish your answers more often.

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