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In this article we are going to learn various To kill a mockingbird lessons that can be applied in our daily lives.Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, was published in 1960. It is an American classic. The story’s plot revolves around a small family that lives in an unfavorable place filled with racism. Scout, the little girl, is taught a lot of valuable life lessons. The mockingbird is used as a symbol to represent innocent people who do not intend to cause harm or damage but make music for us. So if someone kills a mockingbird, it is considered a sin. It also means that you can use your power to oppress those who are less powerful than yourself.

  • Do not judge a book by it’s cover:

A book’s cover should not be judged. Empathizing with someone is the best way to understand their circumstances. One Arthur Ridley, whom the children did not see outside of the house, was seen as an ugly man. However, as the story unravels, you can see his caring for the children. But he chooses to remain a recluse. This is someone who lives alone and avoids social interaction. Scout learned this lesson towards end of novel.

Scout and Jem are set an example by Atticus, who chooses to believe in and defend Tom Robinson. This is despite the fact that everyone assumes Tom Robinson raped a female (just because she’s white and he’s black). Scout later learns to not judge others blindly as she changes her view of Bo Radley, from fear to fascination towards friendship. Scout hears Atticus say to her: “You don’t really get to know someone until you see things from his point-until that happens, climb inside his skin, and walk around in it.”

Scout hears Atticus’s advice throughout the novel, as we meet various characters such as Mr. Raymond, Boo Radiley, Mayella Ewell and Mayella. Atticus’s words, which are timely considering the current world divided, remind us to reach beyond ourselves and to look at the world from others’ perspectives before we pass judgement. The fact that religion has been used throughout human history to justify terrible acts is not something to be ashamed of. Scout is taught a valuable lesson by Miss Maudie. We are defined by how we treat others.

  • Strike with your head, and not your fists

“Just keep your head up, and your fists low. You don’t need to listen to what others say. For a change, fight with your head…it’s worth it even if you resist learning.” (Atticus chapter. 76, chapter 8. We are cheating! There are two important lessons here. Atticus is teaching Scout first that violence can only be overcome by more violence. Two wrongs won’t make a right. Second, you must let the bully or internet troll speak for yourself. This is how you stop them. They only want to get a reaction so patience and restraint will be your best allies.

  • Protect the innocent.

It’s impossible to list all the lessons of To Kill a Mockingbird without the famous line. It is a wonderful reminder that the worst crime is hurting innocent people. Protecting the innocent no matter the circumstances is the greatest responsibility. The world is as it is today, the strong prosper while the weak suffer. But what happens to the innocent? Who cares about, supports, and cares for them? It’s not only a duty, but also a moral and ethical obligation.

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird contains many examples of people who protect innocent people. Boo Radley and Scout are just a few of the “innocents” in the book who needed protection. The mockingbird represents the innocence in this story. All these characters, in one way or another, are similar to mockingbirds.

Tom Robinson is the most obvious example in the book of an innocent person who needs protection. Robinson is an uneducated black male living in the south during 1930’s. He is vulnerable to racism and prejudice not only from other people but also the court system. Atticus, the most respected lawyer in town, offers Tom protection. He will defend Tom against the false charge that he raped a white girl. This is followed by a predictable racist outcome.

  • Courage does not let the odds get you down:

Tom Robinson is the second part of the book. Tom was a black male who was arrested for rape on a white female. Atticus was his defense attorney. Because of racism that prevailed in the 1930s, the basis for this novel, Atticus was certain to lose the case, no matter how persuasively he presented his arguments.

Atticus’ children were mocked because he was representing a black man’s cause. He encouraged them to continue fighting and to persevere in spite of all the difficulties. Atticus knew that even though all the evidence was in favor of Tom’s innocence, a white jury would never acquit the black man accused raping a woman of color.

Atticus shows his kids that bravery doesn’t have to be about winning fights. Sometimes, it’s about refusing to give in to the temptation. Sometimes, it’s fighting for the right thing, even when you know you’ll lose. Atticus advises Scout to keep her head up and not let her fists fall when she gets into a fight with her father over Tom Robinson’s defense. You don’t have to listen to what anyone says. You can fight with your head for a change.

Atticus also skillfully shoots at a rabid animal that is wandering the streets, and takes him down with just one shot. His children are stunned and impressed by this feat of skill from their father. He’s never been seen with a gun. Later Atticus tells them why he never told them that he could shoot a gun. He stated, “I wanted you see what true courage looks like, rather than getting the impression that courage is a man holding a gun in one’s hand. It’s when your hands are licked but you still start and persevere. “You rarely win but you can sometimes win.”

Can you say toxic masculinity? Atticus, our sage and protector, is clear that violence is not courage. Courage is the ability to face impossible challenges and persevere because you know it’s the right decision. It’s not losing hope but persevering. It’s not being afraid but not letting fear stop you.

  • Looking directly at someone isn’t the same as seeing them:

Atticus’s final words to the novel refer back to the lesson number one on the list. He advises us to not jump to conclusions based solely on appearances. These words are a message of hope and a reminder that despite all the Bob Ewells, most people are kind, generous, and caring. All you have to do is pay attention enough.

  • A person’s conscience does not abide by the majority rule.

Atticus’ exact words were “The only thing that does not abide under majority rule is a person’s consciousness.” The novel’s ultimate message is that you should think for yourself. Ask questions, find the truth, and be courageous. These are the essential steps to following one’s conscience.

To Kill a Mockingbird teaches Atticus Fich his children how to tell the difference between right and wrong. He also teaches them to be kind, even if that takes courage. These are traits I hope we can all have and pass on. There are many lessons in this novel. However, one thing I believe we can all take away as parents is that our children constantly look at us and model how we behave. These five lessons from Atticus Finch will help you to enjoy this classic novel in spring and summer.

  • Never shoot a mockingbird

This powerful and well-known quote is very powerful. The most common meaning of the phrase is innocence. Atticus tells the children that it is a sin for a mockingbird to be killed because it is a living creature that does not harm. It’s wrong to hurt anyone who hasn’t harmed you. The mockingbird is a beautiful creature. Things of beauty and innocence should be protected. Atticus could protect Tom even though he might be innocent.

A mockingbird could also symbolize the innocence of children who see men’s prejudices and are willing to do anything for them. Another interesting meaning is that mockingbirds can mimic other bird songs. Because it is just copying other birds, it wouldn’t be right to kill a mockingbird. Children could experience the same thing. Children are just copying their parents’ teachings (such as racism), and you shouldn’t be surprised that they do this. You must teach them a different song.

Any other birds can be killed by anyone, but you cannot kill mockingbirds. They don’t damage any plants or other farms. All they do is make music. The term mockingbird is used metaphorically to refer to anyone who is weakdefenceless. According to the novel, people of colour were treated in equally. They were assigned petty work and paid negligible wages. Most of the time, they weren’t even paid. They stayed in a settlement on the outskirts the County, where there were white residents. According to the aunt, no should ever take advantage of someone less powerful than them.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

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