To Kill a Mockingbird Lessons

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Harper Lee published To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960. It is one of the most famous American novels. The story centers on a small, black family in a racist place. Scout, the little girl who is the protagonist, learns many lessons. The mockingbird is used in the story as the symbol of innocent people who don’t intend to harm anyone or cause any kind of damage. If someone kills one, it is considered sinful and you are allowed to use your power over those who are less than you.

  • Don’t judge a book based on its cover:

It is not a good idea to judge a book based on its cover. It is important to empathise and understand someone’s situation. One Arthur Ridley who the children didn’t see outside his house was considered an ugly person. The story unravels and one can clearly see the kindness he showed for the children. He chooses to be a recluse. A recluse is someone who lives alone, avoids others and prefers to keep to himself. Scout was taught this lesson by the end.

Scout and Jem learn from Atticus by choosing to have faith and defend Tom Robinson, the man everyone assumes raped women (simply because she’s white while he is dark). Scout is shown later learning the lesson that it is important not to judge others blindly by her changing perspective of Bo Radley. We see her go from fear and fascination to friendship. Scout is taught by Atticus: “You can’t really understand someone until you view things from his viewpoint-until he climbs inside of your skin and walks around in it.”

Scout’s advice from Atticus is repeated throughout the novel. We meet many characters, including Mr. Raymond and Boo Radley. Atticus’s words encourage us to reach out and help others in our divided world. It is not difficult to admit that religion has been used throughout the history of humankind to justify horrible acts. Scout is thus taught by Miss Maudie that our character is defined by how others treat us. No religion, no matter how religious, can justify cruel behavior.

  • You should fight with your head and not with your fists

“Just hold your head high, and keep your fists straight. Don’t listen to anybody. You can fight with your head, even if it resists learning. (Atticus page. Chapter 8 of 76). These are not two lessons that can be learned. Atticus teaches Scout that reacting to violence with more violence doesn’t achieve anything. The second thing is that a bully (or an online troll) cannot stop you from letting what they say slip by. You can only get a response from them, so patience is your greatest friend.

  • Protect the innocent.

Without the famous line that gave To Kill a Mockingbird it’s title, there would be no list of lessons from To Kill a Mockingbird. It is a beautiful reminder of the fact that hurting innocents is the most grave crime. It is our most fundamental responsibility to protect the innocent, regardless of their circumstances. In today’s world, the powerful prosper and the weak suffer.

But how about the innocents? Who provides, cares and protects them all? It’s more than a responsibility. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird gives many examples that show people protecting innocents. Boo Radley is one of many characters from the book who represent “innocents” who needed protection. Scout, Scout and Tom Robinson are some of these characters. In this story, the mockingbird symbolizes the innocents. All of these characters can be compared to mockingbirds in some way.

Tom Robinson is perhaps the best example of an innocent man in need of protection. Robinson, an uneducated black man from the south during the 1930s, is exposed to racism and prejudice both by individuals and within the justice system. Atticus Finch, the most well-known lawyer in the area, provides Tom with protection.

  • Courage means not letting the odds keep you:

Tom Robinson is the main character of the second book. Tom Robinson, a black man was arrested and charged with raping white women. Atticus was chosen as his defense lawyer. His case was lost because of the prejudice that dominated the 1930s and the novel’s premise.

Atticus was mocked by his children for being a black man. He reminded them that they had to fight and not give up despite the odds. Atticus understood that no white jury would acquit an black man for raping white women. Atticus is a role model for his children. Bravery doesn’t always mean winning fights. Sometimes bravery means resisting the urge of getting into fights. Sometimes it’s just about fighting for what’s right despite knowing you’ll lose. Atticus tells Scout not to let her father defend Tom Robinson in a school fight. Don’t let anyone get to you no matter what. Give up on letting others dictate your thoughts.

Atticus skillfully targets a rabid street dog, which he takes down with one shot. His children are shocked by the display of skill and skill from their father. Later Atticus explains to them why he had never taught them how to use a gun. Atticus says, “I want you to see what true courage is, and not get the idea that courage can be found in a man who has a gun in his hands. It’s when it’s clear that you are going to lose, but you start anyway and get through it. It’s rare that you win, but it happens sometimes.”

Can anyone speak of toxic masculinity? Atticus is our hero, who insists that violence is not an act or courage. Bravery is being able to face an impossible challenge and still persevere because you believe it’s the right thing. It’s not giving up and going on regardless. It’s not about being afraid.

  • Looking at somebody isn’t the best way to see them:

Atticus’s closing words in the novel refer to the first lesson of this list. They also advise us not to draw conclusions from appearances. They also serve as a message for hope. All you need is to pay attention.

  • An individual’s conscience isn’t bound by the majority rule.

Atticus said, “The one thing that doesn’t follow majority rule” in exact terms. This may be the final lesson in the novel. Think for yourself. Don’t judge too quickly. Ask questions. Seek the truth. Be brave. These are the only steps necessary to discover and follow one’s heart.

To Kill a Mockingbird teaches Atticus Fich his children how distinguish right and wrong, and how to do the right thing, even if it requires a lot courage. These are qualities that we all want to be able to share with future generations. While there are many valuable lessons in the novel I think the most important one we can learn as parents is that children look up to us for examples of how we can act and be. If you are planning on reading this classic novel this summer or spring, make sure to pay attention to these five lessons from Atticus.

  • Never kill mocking birds

Teaching Mockingbird | Facing History and Ourselves

This powerful, well-known quote is powerful. Although it can be understood in many ways, the one that is most popular is the one that involves innocence. Atticus explains to children that it’s wrong to kill a mockingbird, as it’s a living creature and does no harm. It’s a sin for anyone to harm us if they haven’t hurt us. A mockingbird creates beauty. Beautiful and innocent things should be protected. Atticus might believe Tom to be innocent.

The mockingbird may also symbolize children’s innocence, which is lost when they see how men treat each other based upon their prejudices. Another interesting meaning of mockingbirds is their imitation of other bird songs. It would be wrong for a mockingbird to be killed based on its “song”, as it is simply copying another bird. The same could happen with children. They’re simply following the example of their parents (e.g., racism), so it’s not fair to blame them. You need to teach them a song.

You can kill all kinds of birds, but not mockingbirds. These birds only make music. The term “Mockingbird” has a metaphorical meaning. It refers to anyone who is weak and is defenseless. The novel depicts people of colour as being treated unequally. They were given petty tasks and low wages. They weren’t paid much most of the times. They lived in a settlement just outside the County that was populated by whites. So, the aunt of the protagonist tells them that no one should exploit someone who is weaker than they.

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