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Harper Lee’s 1960 novel To Kill a Mockingbird is an American classic. It was published in 1960. The story is about a small family who live in a place with racism. They learn many life lessons, especially Scout. The mockingbird is used by the author as a symbol for innocent people who have not intended to harm or cause any damage, but only make music for us. Therefore, killing a mockingbird is considered a sin and a way to use your power against those less fortunate than you.

  1. Don’t judge books by their covers

You shouldn’t judge a book by the cover. We must understand the circumstances of a person and empathise with them. In the To kill a mocking bird story, one Arthur Ridley was viewed as an ugly person by the children. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that he cared for the children. He decides to stay a recluse, which is a person who lives alone and avoids other people. Scout learns this lesson at the end of the novel.

Scout and Jem follow Atticus’ example by having faith in Tom Robinson and standing up for him. Everyone assumes that Tom Robinson raped a woman because she is white, but he is black. Scout learns the importance of not blindly judging others in her shifting perspective on Bo Radley. She goes from fear to fascination and friendship. Scout is told by Atticus that you can’t truly understand someone unless you look at things from his perspective-until then, you have to climb into his skin and feel it.

As Scout meets various characters from Mr. Raymond, Boo Radley, and Mayella Ewell, Atticus’s advice to Scout is echoed throughout the novel. Atticus’s words are a reminder to us that our world is more divided than ever and to reach out to other people to see the world through their eyes before we judge. It’s not hard to see that religion has been used throughout history as a defense against terrible acts. Scout learns a crucial lesson from Miss Maudie: how we treat others is what defines us.

2. Use your head and not your fists to fight

You just need to keep your head up and your fists down. Do not listen to anyone. “Try fighting with your head…it’s a great one, even though it resists learning.” (Atticus Page. Chapter 76. Two lessons can be drawn from this situation: are we cheating? Atticus is teaching Scout, firstly, that two wrongs do not make a right. The second is that you can’t stop bullies (or internet trolls) by letting their words slide. Your greatest allies are patience and restraint. Their goal is to get a response.

3. Protect innocent people:

The famous line that gave To Kill a Mockingbird its name is a must-read! It is a powerful reminder that the most serious crime of all is to hurt the innocent. No matter what the circumstance, the most important responsibility is to protect innocent people. The world we live in is a place where the strong prosper and the poor suffer.

But what about the innocent? Who cares for, protects, and provides for them? It is not just a moral or ethical responsibility. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird book is important because it contains many examples of innocent people protecting others. The book includes characters such as Scout, Scout, Tom Robinson, Boo Radley, and Boo Radley who are all examples of innocents in need of protection. The mockingbird in this story is symbolic of innocents. In some way, all of these characters are mockingbirds.

Tom Robinson is To kill a mockingbird most prominent example of an innocent who needs protection. He is an uneducated black man living in the south in the 1930’s. This makes him vulnerable to prejudice and racism by both individuals and the courts. Atticus Finch is the most prominent lawyer in the town and Tom gets his protection. He agrees to defend Tom against the false accusation of raping an African-American girl. The predictable racist outcome follows.

4. Courage doesn’t let the odds stop you.

Tom Robinson is the character in the 2nd section of To kill a mockingbird. Tom Robinson was a black man, who was charged with rape of a white woman. Atticus was named his defense attorney. He was forced to lose the case because of the racism prevalent in the 1930s when the novel was written.

Atticus’s children were ridiculed for fighting the case of a black man. He reminded them to persevere in the face of difficulties and to keep fighting. Atticus was certain that even after all the evidence pointed to Tom’s innocence, a jury of white people would not acquit a black man who had raped a white woman.

Atticus teaches his children that courage isn’t just about winning fights. Sometimes it’s about resisting temptation to get in them. Sometimes it’s about standing up for what is right, even though you know you will lose. Atticus says to Scout, “Just hold your head high and don’t let those fists drop.” Atticus also tells Scout that her father defends Tom Robinson. Do not listen to anyone. For a change, try fighting with your head.

Atticus takes aim at a street dog and shoots it down in one shot. Atticus’s demonstration of skill is something that his children are amazed at. They have never seen their father with a gun before. Later, Atticus explained to his children why he hadn’t told them how to shoot a gun. He said, “I wanted to show you what courage looks like.” It’s when you realize you have to stop before you can start but you keep going regardless and you get it done. Sometimes you win.

Can anyone really say “toxic masculinity”? Atticus is a strong advocate for violence as courage. True courage is when you face an impossible task and are determined to continue because it’s right. It is not giving up hope, but continuing on. It is not being afraid, but allowing that fear to stop you.

5. Looking at someone doesn’t mean you are seeing them on the inside.

Atticus’s last words in the novel return to the first lesson from this list. They advise us not to jump to conclusions based only on appearances. They are also a message to hope, reminding us that, despite all the Bob Ewells in the world, most people can be kind and generous. You just need to look close enough.

6. The majority rule is not the conscience of a person.

Atticus actually said these words: “The only thing that doesn’t abide by majority rules is a person’s conscience.” This is perhaps the ultimate lesson of the novel: Think for yourself, do not judge too fast, ask questions and seek the truth. Be brave. These are the steps that one should take to follow and find his or her conscience.

To Kill a Mockingbird teaches Atticus to his children to discern right from wrong and do what is right, even if it takes a lot of courage. These are the qualities I believe we should all strive to have and pass on to our children. Although there are many important lessons in the novel’s pages, one of the most important is the fact that our children will always look up to us as an example for what we can do and how we should act. These 5 lessons from Atticus Finch are essential if you’re planning to read the classic novel this spring/summer.

7. Never kill a mockingbird

Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird Through a New Lens After 35 Years

This powerful quote is well-known and highly regarded. This can mean many things to different people, but it is most commonly understood as referring to innocence. Atticus explains that killing a mockingbird is a sin because it’s an animal that doesn’t harm. It is a crime to harm someone who has not harmed us. Beauty is only created by a mockingbird. It is important to protect beauty and innocence. Atticus may believe Tom is innocent, and that is why he is trying to protect him.

A mockingbird might also be a symbol of the innocence lost by children when they realize what men will do to them based on their prejudices. Another meaning is that mockingbirds imitate other bird songs. A mockingbird is simply mimicking another bird’s song and it would be wrong not to kill it. It could also be true for children. You can’t blame them because they are copying the behavior of their parents (e.g. racism). They need to learn a new song. You can kill any bird you like, but mockingbirds are safe because they don’t cause harm to plants or farms. These birds make music.

Metaphorically, the term “Mockingbird”, refers to anyone who is weak or defenseless. The novel shows that people of color were treated differently. They were offered petty jobs with negligible salaries. They were often not paid. They stayed in a settlement near the County’s outskirts where they could see white people. The aunt of the protagonist tells her that no person should be able to take advantage of anyone less than them.

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