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Outstanding To Kill a Mockingbird thesis statements are provided below. These topics can be used for essay starters. All five of them incorporate at minimum one of the themes in Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”. They are wide enough so it is easy to find and yet they are narrow enough to offer a clear thesis statement.

To Kill a Mockingbird thesis statements, give a quick summary of important elements in an essay. You can also add your analysis and understanding of the plot to them. Use the following essay topics in conjunction to the list of key quotes from To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) and you will be able connect with the text and create an outstanding essay.

What is a thesis assertion?

The reader is asked to explain how they will interpret the significance. The paper’s roadmap is what you can expect from the rest. The thesis directly answers the question. A thesis is an interpretation or statement about a subject or question. It does not necessarily answer the question. A thesis might have World War II as its subject or Moby Dick as its topic. The thesis must provide a way for readers to understand that novel or war.

Claim that others might contest. It is usually located at the beginning or end of your paragraph and presents your argument. The body of your essay, which is the remainder of the paper, organizes and gathers evidence that will persuade readers of your interpretation.

If your assignment requires you to present a position or make a claim on a subject, it may be necessary to include this information in a thesis declaration near the beginning. Even though it may not be stated explicitly that you must include a thesis statement in your assignment, your instructor may assume that you will. If in doubt, you can ask your instructor whether the assignment requires a statement. You will likely be asked to write a thesis in support of your argument and develop an analysis, interpretation, comparison, and/or contrast assignment.

What should you write in your To kill a mockingbird thesis statement?

Your To Kill a Mockingbird thesis statement should:

  1. Define your topic.Your topic is the main idea of your paper.
  2. Be specific about your main point.
  3. Give a reason to support your main idea.
  4. You can also give another reason why you believe your main idea is important.
  5. You can also give one additional reason why you believe your main idea is sound.
  6. If applicable, add an opposing point of view to your main idea.

Justice and Fairness, To Kill a Mockingbird thesis statement

Despite the unwavering commitment of Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird”, a touching courtroom speech and the absence evidence, Tom Robinson is convicted. Both the supporters of Robinson’s conviction, and those who are convinced that he is innocent, question their beliefs about justice and fairness.

As if the false conviction wasn’t enough, Tom gets killed and his sense of justice is completely violated. A persuasive essay on “To Kill a Mockingbird” is required. It should be argumentative and explain the message Lee wants to send about these two fundamental concepts. Some questions you might want to think about are: If justice is so elusive, how can Scout and Atticus believe in them?, or Are justice and justice conflicting concepts in “To Kill a Mockingbird?”

The Various Types of Discrimination In To Kill an Mockingbird thesis statement

How To Write Racism Thesis Statement W/ Examples (2022 Guide)

To Kill a Mockingbird has racism as the most obvious form. However, other types of prejudice or discrimination are used to describe relationships among characters. Scout is ridiculed in “To Kill a Mockingbird” for being a tomboy. Boo Radley is isolated despite the fact he knows very little about anyone. In the novel, there is also reverse racism as shown by the threats against Atticus Finch_ and his loved ones as he defends Tom Robinson. Choose one or two of the discriminatory forms in To kill a Mockingbird. Write an analytic essay explaining the forms, and if necessary, comparing and contrasting the types. You must argue whether or not the lessons Scout learns regarding discrimination apply to all types, or only to racism.

Scout and Jem’s Moral Development in To Kill a Mockingbird thesis statement

Scout and Jem were both born to the morally passionate lawyer Atticus Finch. The same experiences shape their senses and values. Scout and Jem have very different views on good and evil as well as the essential nature of humanity. A descriptive essay on “To Kill a Mockingbird,” in which you explain how Scout and Jem come up with such divergent concepts of the world. It is important to not only consider the final worldview from which each individual arrives but to also look at the entire novel in order to identify their belief systems. Citations that illustrate how Scout and Jem end up parting ways, philosophically speaking.

The Role in To Kill a Mockingbird thesis statement

In “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Maycomb’s town is described in great detail. This gives the reader the feeling that Maycomb has more to offer than a location. Maycomb takes on the importance and weight of a character. You will need to write an essay about “To Kill a Mockingbird” that describes Maycomb, and explains the significance of Maycomb in light of the events and context.

Although it’s easy enough to state that Maycomb, a Southern town is responsible for certain social dynamics such as racism that shape characters and their situations, there are more subtle characteristics that influence the outcome of the novel. The conclusion can also change Maycomb. It shapes events and people, but it is also shaped daily by its inhabitants’ actions.

Character Analysis for Atticus Finch To kill a mockingbird thesis statement

Atticus Finch is the inspiration behind 20 th American literature. Finch is an upright lawyer who was committed to his family and a good citizen. You will write an essay in which Atticus Finch’s character is examined. Your essay may focus on one quote or passage. (Example: A portion of Finch’s courtroom speech.) Explain how this reflects Finch’s character strengths. Finch may have flaws. Explain how he communicates those to his children.

Good vs. Evil To kill a mockingbird thesis statement

Every page of this book is focused on the theme “good versus evil”. Atticus Finch is driven to believe that even though people may contain elements of good or evil, in the end, good will prevail. However, he reveals that even though evil is often defeated, it can be caused by ignorance, racism, fear and hatred of people who are different or have ideas that challenge the status-quo.

Scout, Jem and Dill believed that people were inherently good at the beginning of the book. But, as they reach maturity, they see that goodness and justice do not always win. Atticus is on a similar journey as the children, Jem, Scout and Dill. As they grow up, they realize that not all people are created equal.

Racial prejudice To kill a mockingbird thesis statement

To Kill A Mockingbird has a strong theme about racism. The book is about Tom Robinson, a man of color who is being tried for a crime he didn’t do in a place where racism is the norm. It explores racism both within the legal system and in the Deep South community where it is set. How is it possible that a black man can receive a fair hearing when racial prejudice is embedded in the community so deeply? What would a jury consisting of one’s peers look like in this situation?

Courage & Bravery To kill a mockingbird thesis statement

To Kill a Mockingbird demonstrates how standing up for what’s right takes courage and bravery. While many characters display these traits, others are cowardly. Atticus and his children display courage and bravery in insisting that justice be done, rather than accepting the status quo. Boo Radley’s bravery is evident when he saves the children.

Justice vs. the Law To kill a mockingbird thesis statement

The book makes clear that not following the law equals justice. There are times when the law doesn’t work. Atticus learns the hard way that you can’t always trust the law or legal system to do the right and just things. Laws are made by people. These laws are societal norms . Even if they’re based on hatred or prejudice, they still reflect the people who made them. Even in a case as Tom Robinson’s that is easily viewed by anyone who is willing to see the facts, it is clear that Robinson is innocent. However, prejudice has become so entrenched in the justice system that justice is never served.

Education and Knowledge To kill a mockingbird thesis statement

The book highlights the idea that true knowledge does not necessarily come from formal classroom education. Scout’s school teachers seem more focused on spreading ignorance and bigotry to children than teaching them factual information or critical thinking skills. Scout is discouraged by her school from learning new skills and reading on her behalf. She is not encouraged and supported to realize her full potential. Atticus, Boo Radley and Scout are more influential in the lives of children than schools.

Institutions lack trust To kill a mockingbird thesis statement

To Kill a Mockingbird explores whether and societal institutions are trustworthy. Can the legal system really be trusted to bring justice? Atticus desperately wants to believe it can. However, Atticus eventually discovers that it can’t. Can schools be trusted in educating children? The teachers’ criticisms of students’ learning outside the classroom make it seem that educators are more interested in perpetuating the past and less about helping children prepare for the future. This book shows that people who are good at character can sometimes be against the institutions in order to do right. However, it’s still necessary to work within these institutions for social reasons.

Loss Of Innocence To kill a mockingbird thesis statement

The theme of innocence is reinforced throughout the story by the motif of a mockingbird. As they learn to see the ugly side of life, and become aware of them, the children’s perspective on the community and their values forever changes. However, they’re not the only ones. Atticus, too, loses the faith that the law will ultimately bring justice. Jurors will pay more attention to facts and a fair verdict than to norms or hatred about race. Tom Robinson, the accused and innocent man, found guilty of only being Black in a racial prejudice community, is convicted of a crime he didn’t do.


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It’s very simple to write the main idea when you see a conclusion. To summarize the main idea of your paper, write down at least three sentences. You can then reduce these sentences into a thesis statement. Last but not the least, you might brainstorm a few sentences to outline your main purpose and then reduce them to one thesis statement. Boompapers thesis statement creators can help you if creativity and confidence are lacking.


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  • Be clear about your position. This part is critical.
  • Be able to provide evidence that your main idea can be trusted. This step may be repeated multiple times.
  • To make your document stronger, you may include an opposing view on the subject.
  • You might think about the title of your work. Now, you can create a thesis statement.
  • Check out the results. There are always a few.


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The thesis statement must be considered the beginning of your essay. In a nutshell your thesis statement is your central argument. It’s what you are discussing and what your attempt to prove. Because it is the basis of your essay, everything else will flow from this one sentence. A poor thesis statement can result in a poorly-written essay. On the other hand, a strong thesis statement will enhance your work and lead to high-quality products.

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