Top Databases on Domestic Violence

Top Databases on Domestic Violence- Assignment Help

The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, in collaboration with NSVRC, created this list to provide a resource for advocates and other people concerned about justice and safety for women and children. These resources are provided by VAWnet as a resource that you can use on your terms and according to your needs. Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement of the NRCDV/NSVRC.

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Violence against women

Health & Vital Statistics

Crime & Justice

Children & Youth

General Data

1. Violence against women

National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS).

The Nation’s main source of information about criminal victimization is the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). Data are collected from nearly 76,000 people in 42,000 households each year to determine the consequences, frequency, and characteristics of criminal victimization in the United States. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), which conducts the survey, can estimate the probability of victimization by sexual assault, robbery and assault, theft, house burglary, motor vehicle theft, for the entire population, as well as for specific segments of the population, such as women, elderly, members of different racial groups, urban dwellers, or any other group. The NCVS is the most prominent national forum for victims to discuss the effects of crime and the characteristics of violent offenders.

1973-Present (Redesign 1992)

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Redesign of National Crime Victimization Survey. This survey, which was first started in 1972, was pioneering. The new design was field-tested and implemented in 1989. 1993 saw the publication of the first annual results from a redesigned survey.

National Violence Against Women Survey (NVAW).

“To improve our understanding of violence against women, both the National Institute of Justice and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sponsored, through a grant at the Center for Policy Research, an extensive national survey that was carried out from November 1995 to May 1996. The National Violence Against Women Survey (NVAW) included both men and women, and provides comparable data about men’s and women’s experiences with violence victimization.


U.S. Department of Justice

Office of Justice Programs

National Institute of Justice

2. Health & Vital Statistics

Ambulatory Health Care Data

The NHAMCS is composed of two components: hospital emergency departments (ED) and hospital outpatient departments. The NAMCS data and NHAMCS data can be used to statistically identify the patients who use physician services, hospital outpatient, or emergency department services, as well as the most common conditions and the diagnostic and therapeutic treatments rendered. These data are used by public and private health policymakers, researchers in health services, physicians associations, epidemiologists, media, print and broadcast media to explain and understand changes in medical care practices and requirements.

1973 – 2002

National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), CDC

National Center for Health Statistics Research Data Center

Description of the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, (NAMCS).

National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey – (NHAMCS). Description

Healthy People 2010/2020

“Healthy People” provides science-based national goals and objectives, with 10-year targets. These are designed to guide national health promotion efforts and prevent disease. Healthy People 2020 includes approximately 1,200 objectives in 42 Topic Areas that serve as the framework for this decade’s efforts to improve the health of all Americans.

Division of Health Promotion Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics

Health Indicators Warehouse

DATA2010: The 2010 Healthy People Database

2020 Healthy People

Mortality data from the National Vital Statistics System

The National Vital Statistics System is the result of inter-governmental collaboration between NCHS, NCHS and the 50 state, two cities, five territories. These organizations share common relationships, standards and procedures. This is how NCHS collects and distributes mortality statistics from death certificates. Vital statistics general mortality data is a vital source of demographic, geographical, and cause-of death information. This data is the only source of comparable health-related information for small geographical areas and long periods in the United States. These data can also be used to show the characteristics of Americans dying, to calculate life expectancy and to compare mortality trends to other countries. These data include preliminary and final annual data.

Present: Approx.1950

National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), CDC

National Center for Health Statistics Research Data Center

National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, (NEISS), On-line

“The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, (NEISS), provides data on all non-fatal injuries that were treated in U.S. hospitals emergency departments. CDC uses NEISS data for nonfatal injury data. This includes intimate partner violence.


U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

NEISS: A tool for researchers [PDF]

2003 Map of NEISS Hospitals (PDF)

The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan has updated its data files to include 2003 data for The National Electronic Injury Suveillance System, (NEISS),-All Injury Program data and CDC Firearm Injury Surveillance study (using NEISS). Access the data files by visiting ICPSR at The complete data file and documentation can be accessed by users who enter “NEISS” into the search field, select “in all fields”, then click on the submit button on the ICPSR homepage.


National Hospital Discharge and Ambulatory Surgery Statistics

The National Hospital Discharge Survey (NHDS) is a probability survey that has been carried out annually since 1965. It provides information about the characteristics of inpatients who have been discharged from non Federal short-stay hospitals in the United States. The National Survey of Ambulatory Surgery, which was launched by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) in 1994, provides information on the use of ambulatory surgical services in the United States.


National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), CDC

National Center for Health Statistics Research Data Center

National Hospital Discharge Survey (NHDS) Description

National Survey of Ambulatory Surgery Description


National Mortality Followback Survey

The Mortality Followback Survey Program was started in 1960 by the National Center for Health Statistics. It uses a random sample of Americans who have died in a given year to add information to the death certificate. This includes information from the next-of-kin or other person with knowledge of the deceased’s life. This data, sometimes supplemented by administrative records, offers a unique opportunity for researchers to examine the causes of diseases, trends in mortality, as well as other health issues.


National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), CDC

National Mortality Followback Survey – Public-Use Data Files


National Trauma Data Bank

The National Trauma Data Bank (NTDBTM) was created by the American College of Surgeons in 1989 to address the need for a national trauma care system. The ACS Committee on Trauma, members of emergency medical organizations, governmental agents, vendors of trauma registry, and other interested parties created the NTDB(TM). The NTDB (TM) currently contains more than 1.1 million cases from 405 trauma centres in 43 US territories and the District of Columbia. This represents 55% of Level I trauma centers and 32% of Level 2. Every spring or winter, the annual call for data goes out. The Annual NTDB(TMTM) Report is distributed each October to hospitals. They are allowed ample time for their data submissions. Multiple researchers have used NTDB (TM) information to analyze a variety of important topics for the trauma community.


American College of Surgeons

Requests for NTDB data

Terms and Conditions Statement: For non-profit use


National Vital Statistics System

“The National Vital Statistics System, the oldest and most successful inter-governmental data sharing system in Public Health, is responsible for collecting and disseminating the official vital statistics of the Nation. It uses the shared relationships, standards and procedures to do so. These data are shared through contracts between NCHS, vital registration systems in various jurisdictions responsible for the registration and recording of vital events (births, deaths and marriages, divorces and fetal death).


CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics

National Center for Health Statistics Research Data Center


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