Topics for essays on fathers and sons

Topics for essays on fathers and sons – Assignment Help

1. Take a moment to consider the definitions of “nihilism” by each central character.

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2. Turgenev seems to have made a judgment on the philosophical concepts of “nihillism”


3. What alternative philosophy does Turgenev have for the new generation?


4. What does the novel do with such general themes as the idea for the bildungsroman (the development and maturation of a young man), and traditional conflicts between generations?


5. How does Turgenev use humor to convey his themes in the novel’s story? Parody, humor, comedy, and dramatic situations are all examples. Is humor a good addition to the story?


6. How can we suppose Tugenev is making a judgment about Nikolai’s Romanticism and romanticism in general?


7. How can we make assumptions about Arkady and Bazarov’s character by looking at how they treat each other’s parents.


8. What is Madame Odintsova’s response to Bazarov’s nihilistic views and how does she counter them?


9. What role does Fenichka play in the novel’s plot? What would happen if Fenichka were not included in the novel?


10. What are the functions of Sitnikov & Kukshina What is Turgenev’s effective presentation of these characters by Turgenev?


11. What is the difference between Prokofitch and Piotr as servants?


Comment on the setting where Fathers and Sons is set.


The novel begins on 20 May and is set in 1859. It is a significant date in Russian history. The Russians were particularly sensitive to the country’s backwardness after Russia’s devastating defeat in 1853-1856. It was clear that the country wanted to transition from a feudal economy where most of its population was made up of serfs and were dependent on a small group of land-owners to a free market economy where ex-serfs could become land-owners.


These practical factors, along with growing abolitionist sentiments, were driving Tsar Alexander II to implement the Emancipation Reform (1861), which granted freedom to serfs who worked on private estates. Fathers and Sons does not cover all of Russia, but the Russian countryside. Perhaps the most important implication of Fathers and Sons setting in Fathers and Sons lies in the stark differences between major Russian cities and rural Russia.



Is there a tragic undertone to Fathers and Sons’ novel? Your opinion is important.


Nikolay recalls a dispute between his mother and Peval Petrovich after they have concluded their most intense argument. He recalls saying to his mother, “Ofcourse you can’t understand me. We belonged to two separate generations.” This line captures in many ways the conflict at the heart the novel, the struggle between parents and children to understand each other.


We meet Bazarov as a young man who longs to be someone he is not, something unique. It becomes apparent that Bazarov’s nihilistic outlook is partly a result of his insecurities as the novel progresses. He sees himself as destined for greatness, and he does all he can to separate himself from his parents and those who came before him.


Arkady’s return home to his family is seen by Bazarov as a kind of failure. To him, it’s like losing in a fight. Everyone else is willing to find a compromise, to accept the truth and to move on without regret. This is why the ending of the novel ends on a happy note. The story’s central character, Bazarov, is thrown into a downward spiral in the second half. While it may seem that he is in control of the world for a while, the end result of all his repentance is that he becomes extremely isolated. We get the impression that he will not be able to escape his tragic fate even before he is diagnosed with Typhus.


As in all tragedies, the hero is ultimately doomed by a fatal flaw. In Bazarov’s story, the flaw is his pride. The novel isn’t pessimistic and, despite the tragic ending, the narrator insists that the last sentence strikes a positive chord.



Comment on the tone and content of Fathers and Sons.


People from the younger generation were furious when Fathers and Sons first appeared in 1862. They believed Turgenev was copying them and making fun of their characters through Bazarov. We rarely find a line that makes us understand their concerns.


It’s easy to see that Bazarov is having fun for the author or the narrator. As the novel progresses, it becomes evident that the narrator is extremely sympathetic to each character. He is not trying to judge or mock his characters, but to accurately portray the situation.


Turgenev’s motto is realism so the narrator seems to be keeping the story separate from him. He doesn’t want the story to be too influenced by his personality. He can’t help but be a bit selfish at times. The narrator says, “Is there any thing in the world more captivating that a beautiful young mother holding a healthy child in her arms?” These lines show that the narrator is deeply attached to the story he tells. While he may try to avoid it, we often see that his enthusiasm exceeds the narrative boundaries and he is part of the story.

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