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The Trojan War can be traced back to Thetis, the goddess of the sea, and Peleus. However, the two failed to invite Eris, the goddess of discord to witness their marriage. The goddess of discord, Eris, stormed the wedding party and hurled a gold apple at the table in retaliation. Eris believed that the apple belonged only to the fairest person in the wedding party. Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera all reached for the apple. A controversy ensued, which required the services of a judge. Zeus indicated that Troy’s prince would accept the opportunity to serve as a judge. To influence Paris, the prince, Troy, Hera offered power to the prince, while Aphrodite promised the most beautiful women to him. Athena, on the other hand, promised wealth to the prince if he resolved the case in her favor.

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After considering all the options, the prince chose the one offered by Aphrodite. Aphrodite promised that Helen, the wife of Menelaus would be delivered to the prince by Aphrodite. Paris left Paris for Sparta to imprison Helen after the agreement was reached. Cassandra, Helenus, and Helenus, the twin brothers of the prince, tried to dissuade him from doing so but it did not work.

Menelaus showed Paris respect upon his arrival in Sparta by giving him the title of king. Paris waited until the right time to strike when Menelaus left Sparta for the funeral. Paris abducted Helen, who apparently did so in cooperation with him. She also took a large portion of her husband’s wealth. They got married and settled down in Troy.


Menelaus was astonished at the outcome of these events. Menelaus summoned all of the suitors from Helen’s, based on their oath. Most of the suitors didn’t want to be involved in the war. Despite making excuses, most of them eventually joined the war by making different provisions, such as the extension of war weapons.


It was difficult to find Troy after the Greek fleet left in search of it. The Greek fleet made its first entrance into Mysia. Herodotus’s views indicate that the Greeks believed Helen had been abducted by the Teuthranians. The Greeks then attacked the city. Although the Greeks prevailed in the end, they were still subject to heavy casualties. Even though Telephus was wounded, it was a significant victory for the Greeks.


Telephus, a Greek doctor who wanted to heal his wounds, set off to create the Trojan War. Telephus was advised by an oracle that Achilles, who had wounded him, had the power to heal him. Telephus led the Greeks to Troy after Achilles agreed.


Menelaus and Odysseus were sent to Priam in order to demand Helen’s return and to seize the property. The two refused to comply with the demands and returned to their respective homes declaring war inevitable. Priam was later defeated by the Greeks when Odysseus’ trick gave them a memorable victory.


The Greeks waged war on Troy and its neighbours for nine years. The Greeks decimated the Trojan economy and took the spoils. The Greeks won significant victories but were unable to destroy the Troy fortifications. Paris overthrew Achilles as the war dragged on.


Odysseus discovered the difficulties of getting to Troy and resorted to trickery. The Trojan Horse was created by him to fool the Trojans. The Trojan Horse escaped to Troy. The horse’s soldiers hid in it and began to inflict havoc on Troy in the middle night, effectively incapacitating the entire city. Menelaus had promised to kill his wife but it didn’t happen. Helen was the master of the game.

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