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urban planning personal statement reveals that Personal information is the first part of the statement. Example: I have a background in community work and non-profit work. These experiences have shaped my professional and intellectual values. Partnerships that are practical, pragmatic and involve diverse stakeholder groups are what I value. Projects that recognize economic prosperity and neighborhood vitality as threads of one cloth are what I value. Money is only as important as the results it produces and the reliability on which it is available. urban planning personal statementPlanning is only as effective as the actions they will lead to. Innovation can only be as valuable as its ability to be implemented correctly. Urban planning and regional planning cannot be done from a top-down approach. Instead, they must be organically implemented through community consultation that takes into account both the assets and the needs of the community.

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My career goal is working with developers who specialize in economic revitalization, affordable housing projects, and urban renewal in first-ring suburbs and decaying areas. After graduation, I plan to use my education to become a consultant or analyst (government or private), working on large-scale economic redevelopment projects that have received significant government funding (federal and/or local). My special interest is in the private/public partnership for economic revitalization. I am interested in projects that involve not only government agencies and for-profit developers, but also the grassroots community. They must be involved in the process, regardless of whether they are small non-profits or churches. Through my research, I want to identify the conditions and best practices (economical, design, and politically) that foster partnerships between these three groups. In the end, I want to advocate for these best practices and to help implement them in my work.

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My educational background has shaped my commitment to building strong, livable communities. I have the ability to critically examine political positions and communities through my undergraduate degree in Law and Sociology. I was able to examine the theoretical and political frameworks that influence how we see community and how it is created. This education and my volunteer experience led me to pursue community involvement after graduation. I volunteered to join AmeriCorps, a program that focuses on community organization and development. (Personal statement for purpose of urban planning)


Campus Compact AmeriCorps’ VISTA program places recent college graduates in administrative positions at higher education to make a difference in their communities. During my two VISTA years I learned four valuable lessons about community development and engagement. (1) The importance of evaluation and assessment, (2) the delicate process for working with a variety stakeholders, (3) the necessity of providing a clear, long-term vision, and (4) how important it is to be a leader who inspires others to take action. A year-long process of universitywide assessment was conducted at the University of Toledo. The committee I headed also created a five-year strategic plan. Through partnering with the mayor’s office, faculty and student leaders, I learned how to collaborate with many stakeholders to create a series if week-long service events. A service council was formed of 12 strategic community leaders and non-profit leaders to ensure future growth. My year at the University of North Carolina Wilmington was less about being an administrator than it was about being a consultant. I gave a presentation on service learning to professors and wrote a department manual about community engagement pedagogy. I also helped to establish a program for service learning scholars that offers semester-long instruction in service learning pedagogy for faculty and staff. I was also able focus on leadership development in Wilmington. A core group of 10 students was assigned to me daily and we worked together. This group of students was responsible for assessing the non-profit’s needs in collaboration with its leaders. They also drafted a plan to address them and created a volunteer program that students could help in this process. This program emphasized collaborative approaches to problem solving and community education.


DC Habitat was my first experience as a staff member. As the Volunteer Services Manager, my responsibility includes overseeing all volunteer activities of our organization and our AmeriCorps program. My responsibility covers supervising 11 AmeriCorps volunteers, five volunteer committees that have over 300 members, and over 5,000 volunteers who help with home construction each year. With a staff of 9 to 11, serving more than 120 families, and thousands of volunteers, it is not unusual for me to be involved in projects that are not related to my job (personal statement on support in urban planning). I have managed a program that generated over $300k in income and submitted numerous grant applications. I have been the media contact for many local and national news stories and have been asked to speak at Habitat’s meetings, worship services, and conventions. A Martin Luther King Jr Day event I organized was attended by Vice President Obama, gaining national attention for our affiliate. I had the honor of speaking with Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama on the importance of volunteering and the AmeriCorps program for Habitat affiliates across the country. This brought us national attention. Our organization is results-oriented and mission driven. This has forced me to work harder in many areas. Not only have I been able to see my strengths (organizational, communication, and management of large groups) but also my flaws. I am aware that I still need to learn more about real estate finance, regional economic analysis, neighborhood planning, and site planning. These deficiencies will be addressed by a graduate degree in planning and policy.


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DC Habitat was my best example of the potential and challenges that community development work can present. It is a good sign that the promise of success far outweighs our problems. With 50 volunteers, I stood on the foundation for a home knowing that we would have four walls by the end of the day. We will have built the home’s shell by the end of week. Together with future homeowners, I installed siding and hung drywall. The mother would hug me as I cut the ribbon for her front door. As he recounted the story of his 6 children moving from Ethiopia to DC in a one-bedroom apartment and then to their Habitat home five years later, the father would not let go. Witness to the transformation of an abandoned public housing project into 53 affordable homes that house more than 250 people has been my experience. Each home has a story to tell and a determination to continue that success. We will continue to expand and grow in DC because of the success of the project and the attention it has received from my affiliate.


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I have also been witness to the difficulties of urban development. I’ve witnessed residents feel disdain and confusion when a developer tries to help them but is unsure how to do so.


There have been days when I had to send volunteers home because they did not have the funds or because the local government was unable to permit them to return. My name is on all theft reports that detail items taken from staff, volunteers and construction sites. The police have taken heroin from the public housing project across the street and spoken with me in a jaded tone, “There are not innocent people there.” I heard shots being fired from the same area at midday and knew that young people were dead. I’ve witnessed tragedy and triumph in the same area and have been fortunate enough to work for an organisation that is determined to make triumph triumphant over tragedy.


While DC Habitat for Humanity’s work is inspiring and vital to the Deanwood Neighborhood’s success, it is not unusual or exceptional. There are many community members, developers, and non-profits in our county that want to have the same impact. These organizations require skilled and educated leaders. I would like to be one (personal statement on evidence in urban planning).


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My experience working closely with a top landscape designer from China convinced me that I want to design urban spaces. My goal is to make my work accessible to as many people as possible. I want to be involved in planning and designing major cities with a view to conserving old parts of cities for future generations. I am pursuing my goal by completing my MA in Urban Design. It will provide me with the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve my goal.


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Pre-Masters in Architecture at Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts is where I am gaining a solid foundation in British architecture practice and improving my draughtsmanship. I learned how to consider the relationships between buildings to ensure that they are integrated.


The year before I started the Pre-Masters in Business, Social Sciences, and Law at Glasgow International College to ensure that I was ready for the legal and social aspects. I was particularly impressed by the Social Sciences portion of the course, which taught me how important it is to be sensitive to the needs and wants of all sections of society who may use urban spaces. In China, I’ve seen how urban regeneration has ruined old public spaces and affected some communities. This is an area that I am looking forward to further exploring in the Urban Regeneration module.

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Before moving to the UK, my degree in Interior and Landscape Design was completed in Shanghai. I was one of the top students in the program for two consecutive years. My hard work was recognized when I was selected to be a’squad lead’, responsible for administrative duties and organizing events between various classes and departments. These experiences taught me how to manage time effectively and helped me develop my leadership and organisational skills. This will be a great asset when I plan projects for my degree and my career.


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To gain practical experience in urban design and complement my degree, I spent a year working as an assistant designer for EADG, a leading Chinese urban landscape design company, on a landscape design project that was part of the Shanghai World Expo. As part of this project, I collaborated closely with engineers to design residential spaces along river banks. I was able to experience the daily realities of my chosen profession which strengthened my desire to be an urban planner and designer.


After completing my degree, I worked as a designer at the Wuxi Landscape Design Institute. This institute is a Chinese landscape design company that specializes in designing residential landscapes. I also helped to create advertising. I gained a lot of experience in leading projects and my draughtsmanship, which was a great preparation for my independent research project at the conclusion of the Masters.


I plan to work with other students in local design projects outside of the classroom. Because I want to learn from and benefit from my peers as well as the world-class instructors on the course. I also hope to establish strong relationships with other students to foster a supportive learning environment. Because I believe my work and studies are of benefit to the community, I would also love to volunteer to help design local parks or schools.


I will take advantage of every opportunity to use my planning and design skills on the Masters for my own ambitions and the benefit of my parents, who were unable to go to a British university.


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It is hard to ignore the rapid growth in urbanization due to profound changes in world economics. This is especially true in rapidly developing countries such as China where there is a shortage in professional designers. This is primarily due to the fact that there are not many universities in China which specialize in this field. As a determined and enthusiastic person, I’m ready to seize the opportunities that are presented, especially because Urban Design is a major topic in my studies as well as my interest.


Since my childhood, I have been involved in many creative activities. I took painting and drawing classes from kindergarten through junior high school. This gave me a greater sense of color, space and sculpt, which was essential for a great designer. My hands were also trained by making models of cars, steamboats and plains. This essential skill has proven to be invaluable in design projects where the appearance of the model is crucial.


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My love of nature and my skills were the foundation of my three-year study in Landscape Architecture. Unfortunately, it did not lead to a Bachelor’s Degree due to the educational system in my country. A perfectionist, I enjoyed spending hours or even days on a painting or model. My dedication to the subject and hard work earned me a place in the University’s top students. My course is in the Department of Urban Construction-College of Engineering. I also gained basic knowledge in these fields.


My internship at Landscape Architecture Design Institute was split into two major projects: “Focus Plan” for Ningbo Harbor Park, and “Master Plan” for Community. I was the Design Assistant. I learned from the designers how to accurately modify and draw any kind of blueprints, as well as current design problems.


To earn a bachelor’s degree, I studied for 2 more years in Korea. As preparation, I learned Korean language for more than 1 year. This, combined with my academic knowledge, allowed me to enroll in the third year. The Department of Urban Planning and Civil Engineering runs the Landscape Architecture course in Korea. It closely links with Urban Design and Planning courses.


My first semester was a time when I became interested in Chinese Urban Development. This included the lack of green spaces and public spaces. Unfortunately, my previous field of study, Landscape Architecture, couldn’t address these issues. Professor Lee was a great supervisor and encouraged me to pursue Urban Design as a field of study.


The similarities between these two fields, and the challenge of unknown, made me fall in love with the subject. Despite my old and new speciality, I will graduate with an Engineering Science degree since the course is administered by the College of Engineering. My final assignment is a town design project that was ordered by the Korean government. I am responsible for designing the outskirts of this large-scale group project.


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My independence and maturity were cultivated by studying in a foreign language and country. This will be a benefit to me when I learn in the UK. I take English classes twice per week to improve my English skills. My American friend lives right next to me and we play basketball together and watch English movies. I enjoy reading historical and geographic books. This helps me to understand different cultures, as well as satisfy my travel passion. I dream of one day traveling the globe to experience different foods and beautiful scenery. Inspiration and fresh ideas for design are also great sources of inspiration, which I often use in my projects.


My education at a British institution would greatly expand my knowledge of the Western approach to Urban Design. This, combined with my previous experience in Eastern countries would give me a unique ability to innovate synthesis. Your university is highly recommended for its excellent facilities and deep expertise.


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After my postgraduate studies, I’d like to return to the UK to gain work experience in a British company. My passion, dedication and skills make me an ideal candidate for your course.