What are the time-weighted average of metabolic rate and the total metabolic rate for this person

SFTY 631 – Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
Assignment 9

A bank teller’s daily tasks are as following:

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Task #1: working at his/her desk (sitting) for 3:30 hours.
Task #2: attending the drive through customers for 1:50 hour.
Task #3: working at teller station (standing) for 1:30 hour.
Task #4: breaks for 30 minutes.
Task #5: lunch for 40 minutes.

Tasks 1 to 5 had metabolic rates of 1.1 kcal/min, 210 kcal/hr, 1.5 kcal/min, 20.931 w, and 34.885 w respectively. What are the time-weighted average of metabolic rate and the total metabolic rate for this person? (10 points)


A person works as a technical support technician in a company. He/she had a meeting with his/her supervisor and collected work orders from 8 am to 9 am. The temperature conditions in office was Tnwb = 62 oF and Tg = 78 oF. Then he/she drove half an hour to a customer’s location in a car with Tnwb, Tg and Tdb of 71, 88 and 87 oF respectively. From 9:30 am to 1:30 pm he/she provided services to the customer where Tnwb and Tg were 58 and 75 oF respectively. He/she had lunch in a fast food restaurant from 1:30 to 2:30 pm with Tnwb of 60 oF and Tg of 76 oF. After lunch he/she drove another half an hour back to office where Tnwb, Tg and Tdb were 71, 88 and 90 oF respectively. He/she completed the paperwork and met with another customer from 3 to 5 pm and Tnwb and Tg were 61 and 78 oF. Calculate the time-weighted average heat index for this person. (10 points)







Calculate the time-weighted average of heat index, ceiling limit, recommended exposure limit, recommended alter limit and total metabolic rate for a maintenance worker who has the following work schedule under the given conditions. (10 points)

Task Time Metabolic rate Tnwb Tg Tdb
Helping prod. Line to set-up machine 2 hr 183 kcal/hr 15.0 oC 26.0 oC –
Break 15 min 1.1 kcal/min 66.9 oF 84.2 oF 85.1 oF
Cleaning up a chemical overflow 1.5 hr 276 kcal/hr 67.1 oF 85.2 oF 86.8 oF
Lunch 30 min 0.3 kcal/min 15.1 oC 26.5 oC –
Repairing a fan on roof 3 hr 363 kcal/hr 70.0 oF 85.9 oF 88.9 oF
Break 15 min 1.2 kcal/min 15.0 oC 27.8 oC –
Lubricating the conveyor 1 hr, 30 min 211 kcal/hr 16.4 oC 28.1 oC –


Note 1 – Show your complete work for full credit.

Note 2 – The answers should be typed.