What does prejudice is the child of ignorance 1

What does prejudice is the child of ignorance


What does prejudice is the child of ignoranceBefore analysing what does prejudice is the child of ignorance, learners should first define prejudice. Prejudice can be defined as an unfounded feeling of dislike for someone. It is born in the minds and hearts of ignorant people. People who lack literacy are not able to comprehend the world and can discriminate against people on the basis of race, creed, or gender. Education is the tool that will help us fight the evils in the world. The same applies here.

What does prejudice is the child of ignorance: Summary

Successful scrutinising of what does prejudice is the child of ignorance reveals that Low literacy rates and an overinflated ego are two factors. People from the upper classes have made others suffer prejudice. This problem is not going away. We need to find a solution. This evil is not something , prejudice is the result of ignorance. Fear of the unknown is a common fear.

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What does prejudice is the child of ignorance

Some people feel uncomfortable that education can help. We mean knowledge and ideas. This is where the importance of sensibility plays a crucial role. The world will be free from inequality if our minds are clear of corruption.

Ignorance is the biggest source of danger. Ignorance has been the root of all evil. As William Hazlitt said more than 150 years back in his book about what does prejudice is the child of ignorance around people who are different than them in any way. Prejudice has been a problem throughout history, and it continues to be a major problem in society today.

Various voices of what does prejudice is the child of ignorance

Charles Caleb Colton, 1825 wrote that “we hate some persons because they do not know us; and we won’t know them because of our hatred for them.” We live in a world of hate and each one of us can do our part to help reduce it. Why should we fear others who are different than us? Our individual differences are what make a diverse and strong society. Each person has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses and each one can contribute to the well-being of humanity. How much happier the world would be if we all could find ways to work together to improve everyone’s lives.

What does prejudice is the child of ignorancePrejudice can be learned. Many of us accept the prejudices of parents and pass them on to our children. Edward R. Murrow stated in 1955 that “Everyone is a prisoner to his own experiences.” Prejudices cannot be eliminated, but one can recognize them. I don’t agree with Mr. Murrow. Although we may not be capable of eliminating all prejudices, knowledge, understanding and love can help to reduce many of them.

Many people are unwilling to let go of their prejudices, no matter how much information they may have. Some people are so attached to their prejudices that it is difficult to see new possibilities in their thinking.

Understanding what does prejudice is the child of ignorance means.

Understanding and loving others can make a difference in reducing prejudice. Some people can replace their hatred with love, and transform themselves. Others are unable or unwilling give up their hate feelings. We all have to strive for love and replace hate.

Too many people fail to see the immense power of love in improving their lives and those around them. Let’s imagine for a second. Imagine if we could all just replace half of the hatred we have with genuine love. Won’t it be amazing if the world could only replace half of the hate we harbor with genuine love?

What does prejudice is the child of ignorance: Prejudice

Prejudice is everywhere. What is prejudice really? Prejudice can be expressed in opinions, where one is for or against something or someone with no basis. It is also manifested as a stubborn adhering to an inaccurate conception due ignorance or blind malice. Accordingly, prejudice is a product of ignorance. He who persists in his prejudiced mentality, despite the existence of evidence to the contrary, will remain ignorant of cold, hard facts.

One can become presupposed mainly because there is no proof or knowledge. One can become too presumptuous by the constant yearning for answers to our questions and clarifications. We can conclude that prejudice develops when opinions are shaped to suit one’s needs. It can be dangerous when these opinions are used to judge others and affect the way they treat them.

Prejudice as a child or ignorance can be seen in the terrible conditions faced by women in rural Pakistan. These terrible conditions are caused by prejudices held by men about women. They believe that women have a lower status than men and that they belong only to their fathers and husbands.

These preconceived notions are rooted in Islam ideology, which they altered to suit their needs and desires. The holy Ouran does not state that women are the property of their husbands or fathers. The truth is that women are not owned by men, but God created them. Ironically, these men are ignorant and lack any knowledge of religious ideologies. They twist the truth to their advantage.

A personal explanation of what does prejudice is the child of ignorance means

Tonight, I had dinner with my son and wife at a Chinese restaurant. I won’t go into detail about what we ate, but the experience gave me an idea to write a quick article. The fortune cookie fortune of my wife read, “Prejudice is the child Ignorance”. After dinner, we spent a lot of time discussing this topic and pondering hidden meanings. There were many possible meanings. This article will try to combine all of them into one.

To be able to express my views and thoughts on the topic, one must first identify the key words and how they relate to the overall concept. It is important to share a common understanding of definitions. Here are the literal definitions of ignorance and prejudice. For the definitions, I used www.dictionary.com.

What does prejudice is the child of ignoranceThis definition can also be understood by saying that someone is clueless. What is the meaning of the expression “Prejudice is the child if ignorance”? This term refers to people’s strong tendency to ignore things they find inconvenient or uncomfortable. This means that everyone on the planet, regardless of race, creed or religion, is guilty of being willfully ignorant of certain things. This is when they ignore what they believe in or don’t like. While it is fine to disagree with someone, it is also acceptable to ignore their point-of-view because they don’t like it.

It therefore means that elaborating on what does prejudice is the child of ignorance means, we are actually breeding prejudice when we follow the path of ignorance. Prejudice does not mean that one hates blacks or Orientals hate Russians. This simply means one believes they are superior to the other because they are different. This is the direct result of ignorance. This is the literal meaning. One cannot have the other.

This brings us back again to the original thesis, which was discussed over dinner of what does prejudice is the child of ignorance means. What does this expression mean? And what did we conclude? We concluded that humanity as a whole has a high capacity for hatred, ridicule and violence towards people different than ourselves. This is due to ignorance which leads to prejudice.

Osama Bin Laden’s recent death is a great example of this concept. We won’t get into semantics here, but it revealed the deep-seated hatred and prejudice that many people have towards Muslims and Arabs. Like many others, I was excited to hear that Bin Laden had been killed. Then it hit me. Actually, I was cheering for the deliberate killing of Bin Laden by our special forces on President Obama’s orders. This prejudice has done so much harm. It seems that most people think of Muslims as blood thirsty terrorists.

This is pure prejudice. When was the last time that you had a conversation with a Muslim person? It is all a result of ignorance. This shows us that we don’t know how other nations think or work. We are willing to be ignorant of these facts, which leads directly to prejudice and ultimately to bloodshed. History is littered with mass killings that were rooted in prejudice and ignorance.

Therefore, to successfully explain What does prejudice is the child of ignorance means, I advise you to change location. Next time you drive down the street, you notice someone different. You start to think “That person must be a scumbag, she/he is ____________ ‘fill in the blank’.” This is prejudice based upon ignorance. Although you don’t know anything about the person, this person is judged based on their clothing, religion, skin color, handicap or any other factors. Take it all in…

While giving our final thoughts on what does prejudice is the child of ignorance means, we also concluded that all of humanity has the capacity to love. It is the most important concept. True love allows us to accept all differences as human beings. Love is the foundation of Islam’s faith. Many times, the Koran emphasizes the importance both of love and the importance to love others who are different. A few times, the Koran refers to the offense against Allah of the willful murder of others. This is also mentioned in the Christian bible many times.

What does prejudice is the child of ignoranceHebrew kabbalah is the same, the Wiccan 12 rules, and even the Luciferians. It is only the most extreme members of any group who taint the true nature of everyone. Bin Laden was an extreme example of this faith. Randy Weaver, a Christian, is Randy Weaver, Meyer Lansky, is the Jewish. These few speak for the majority, however.

They use fear, ignorance, prejudice, and other biases to try to make others do their will. All of them met violent ends. Prejudice and ignorance are the main roads to despair and death. As the great Jedi Master Yoda may have said, “These are the lines to death and despair.”

This is how we can replace prejudice and ignorance with understanding. It leads to love. Although I don’t know who the author of this quote was, I believe it perfectly describes “With love all things can be possible.”

Kofi Annan teaches you about prejudice

We can also use the life history of Kofi Annan to find explain what does prejudice is the child of ignorance means. Kofi Annan, a man of peace, as he was popularly called, died last week after having made a significant contribution to the well-being of the world and its inhabitants. He was the seventh Secretary General of the United Nations, and the first African black person to hold this honorable post. A Ghanaian, his main focus was on maintaining and improving security and peace through promoting tolerance, equality, and protecting human rights.

He was able to successfully find solutions to many of the global problems. One area that he highlighted in his talks was the harmful and long-lasting effects of propaganda with a wider reach. The target audience may not notice that propaganda shapes beliefs and behaviours. It is a deliberate effort to change, alter, or maintain a desired opinion.

As Mr Annan pointed out, propaganda is a deliberate attempt to create preconceived opinions. These include intolerance, discrimination and inequity as well as all forms of racism that are based on a lack of information. He also suggested a formula to protect against such negative outcomes: knowledge, tolerance, and generosity.

The generosity of Pakistan, Pakistan, and our country is well-known. Illiteracy and intolerance are obstacles to progress and prosperity.

Thus, in explaining what does prejudice is the child of ignorance, we can summarize that knowledge is the ability to confront ignorance. Literacy is crucial when dealing with propaganda’s negative effects. But the question remains: education or knowledge? Or awareness? Or do they come together? To think logically, which one of these is more helpful? Or are they mutually exclusive and critical? This is an academic debate.

We can still stick to the principle of higher literacy to combat ignorance-related wrongdoings and explain what does prejudice is the child of ignorance illustrates. We must be aware that information, knowledge, and awareness are equally important for making informed decisions, choices, and opinions. This is not propaganda.

Kofi Annan rightly described literacy as a bridge between misery and hope. He believed knowledge was not only power, but also has the ability to liberate hearts and minds. This is the premise of true progress. There have been many types of propaganda throughout history. Whether it was world wars or liberation movements, winning forces were able to shape reality into the beliefs and visions they desired.

As the age of information advanced, it was expected that such negative ways of shaping beliefs would disappear. We now see a stronger force of propagandas with better tools to manipulate and shade information in order to achieve “related” goals. Information manipulation and selective exposure, which are based on emotional intelligence, help countries and groups win their desired wars.

Although this over-access to information, which we will call it, has allowed for the liberation of minds and hearts, it is still far removed from the true meanings of liberty, freedom of thought, and opinion.

While literacy has long been the main objective of most developing countries’ policy agendas, recently, another crucial focus area, tolerance, has emerged as extremely important and very consequential a move that further help understand what does prejudice is the child of ignorance means.

Daily news reports from around the world show multiple instances of intolerance in both the developed and developing countries. There is also racism of many kinds and numerous unfounded stereotypes. Unfortunately, nations and countries are deeply divided within themselves due to the propagandas of various powers and groups with vested interests — which leads to intolerance and violent extremism.

This situation becomes even more dire when intolerance is based upon invalid, unverified or intentionally biased information. This disproves the notion that information exposure can be linked to awareness. However, peace has not been achieved. Kofi Annan believed education was the best form of defense spending and should be used to build peace. It is also true that it has not succeeded in its purpose. No matter how high the literacy and academic attainment, societies and nations are becoming more intolerant.

Annan once said that people must start in their own communities to be good global citizens. It is important to remember that living means choosing where and how you want to live. This is about knowledge and the right knowledge to help you achieve your individual and collective goals. Information is regulated in many countries including Pakistan. It becomes the responsibility for policymakers and implementers of information to ensure that people have access to accurate and truthful information.

This can be achieved by giving the regulators the tools they need and providing them with the right resources, both human and material. There are many unmet policies needs in Pakistan, which makes it more valuable to continue looking for new avenues. Let me close with Kofi Annan’s words, and pay respect to him for his efforts. “There is no need to make new promises. Let us keep the ones we have made.”

Lesson learned from what does prejudice is the child of ignorance means

After a few sleepless nights, I am asking these questions today. I am agitated, restless, and dumbfounded at the ignorance displayed by some people. This is not a nice way to express it.

This is a very unusual post for me. I don’t normally comment on the latest news but it’s something I can’t bear to not swallow in light of recent events. You probably noticed that social media is telling an entirely different story. It’s very interesting if you are connected to the internet. Recent acts of terror have sparked fear, increased ignorance, and encouraged bigotry as well as intolerance. We are seeing history repeat itself. It is clear that racism and discrimination based on religion, color, creed, or race will not go away.

What does prejudice is the child of ignorance: Did we learn anything?

Religious freedom is the concept that we can’t judge a religion by its actions. However, some actions are contrary to the fundamental tenants of the religion. Branding and labeling have gotten more complicated, and there are biased generalizations made and assumptions.

Islam is now a more important target than ever. One group of radical extremists has become the symbol of Islam across the globe. They are a group that has deviated so much from the path of Islam’s true virtues and teachings. ISIS’s actions were strongly condemned by scholars and leaders of Islam around the world, who called them “a violation Islamic law” and “not representative nor in line with the main teachings of Islam”. People continue to choose ignorance despite all the condemnation of these radicals’ actions.

Yes, I agree. What has happened in the last weeks is truly tragic. There have been many innocent deaths as a result not of Islam but insanity or terrorism. Let’s not forget that the number of people suffering from the violence is in the millions. It reaches far beyond France and Egypt. Many thousands of civilians and children from Syria have been killed, while millions have fled their homes.

As anti-Muslim sentiments continue to be stirred by the media, more Muslims are being subjected to hate crimes, vandalism, and mosque burnings. The backlash continues. Donald Trump’s absurd suggestion of creating a database to track Muslims living in the U.S. reminds me of Nazi Germany.

What does prejudice is the child of ignorance: Is this madness a sign of the end?

My family has had a meal with many people I know who have shared their discriminatory views about the topic on social media. It’s one thing to be free, but it’s quite another to encourage bigotry. Xenophobia is rampant.

People fear what they don’t understand. In buying into this hysteria, they fuel ignorance, discrimination, and intolerance. It is hard to convey my feelings about this without being disappointed. My inaction and silence in the matter of bigotry will only devalue and negate the values and principles I cherish. My beliefs have been compromised for peace too often. I won’t do that going forward.

While they condemn the extremists’ actions, these people are actually promoting and sharing discriminatory propaganda against another religion, culture, or creed. There is no difference between the two. Each side is adding fuel to an already raging fire, and the end result is the exact same. Continued and amplified intolerance, further division between people and a way to justify inexcusable behaviour.

Terrorism’s goal is to create fear. This is leading to widespread discrimination and denial of humanitarian aid to those who are really in greatest need. It is impossible to sugarcoat bigotry and its effects are costing humanity. Syrian Muslims and Christians have fled a war zone. They have lost everything. Now they are faced with the stark reality that their loved ones will die if they remain.

This is something that most of us can’t comprehend. These are basic necessities of life: food, water, and medical care. These are fellow human beings who need humanitarian assistance. People who are not sensitive to their situation choose to use religion as an excuse for terrorist acts.

It is possible that those who are opposed to refugees being allowed asylum in the country would change their mind if the shoe were on the other side. We can be sure that if they were the subject of discrimination on the basis of their religion or race, there would be a commotion like none other. We are blessed with many freedoms that we have come to take as a given. How can we, as decent humans, become so cruel to those in greatest need? Are we so self-righteous, disillusioned and unable to see the value in granting another person safety and freedom?

We do not live in the dark ages. Instead, we have a wealth to choose from. It is possible to choose to learn and get out of the rut of ignorance. We can’t afford to remain complacent or turn a blinder to discrimination. The actions of a few are not indicative of the whole. It is our responsibility to collect the information that we need to make informed decisions. While some may say ignorance is blissful, we reap the fruits of our labors.

How to live with insight gained from What does prejudice is the child of ignorance

Are you planting peace, love, and acceptance seeds or a tangled garden full of hate, prejudice, and intolerance?

Engaging in the dissemination of material that is intended to further spread intolerance or discrimination directed at a religion, race, or gender is like throwing gasoline on a fire. It serves no other purpose than to perpetuate divisions among humanity. Food for thought.