What genre does your HCI fall into (e.g., transportation, health, etc)?

In this assignment, you will be selecting and ‘fleshing out’ the topic of your class project.  Answer the following questions as a group.  Note that the more detailed you can be, the more I can help you make sure your project is viable.  Answer all questions by the start of next week (Monday of Week 2 by 11:59 PM PT).

  1. What genre does your HCI fall into (e.g., transportation, health, etc)?
  2. In as much detail as possible, describe the topic of your project. Note you will want to be general enough that you have multiple applications, but specific enough where you can dive into it…it’s a hard line to tread sometimes.  For example, ‘wearable technology’ is probably too broad, and ‘using the apple watch to measure blood oxygen levels’ is too detailed, something in between.  The goal here is to have multiple versions of this HCI that you can draw upon, something like ‘wearable technology for health monitoring’, as a simple example.  Write at least a few sentences about it.
  3. Who are the users of this technology, or who is this made for?
  4. What is the computing portion of this technology (i.e., what is the hardware, etc)? Give some examples or brands or flavors of this technology.
  5. What affordances does this technology provide to the user?
  6. Do you have access to examples of this technology (if not, you need to select another topic)?
  7. Can this HCI be improved? Give a few rough suggestions.

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