Why Should Cannabis be legalized on a federal level and decriminalized as well (in the United States)

Cannabis should be legalized on a federal level and decriminalized as well (in the United States)

Use a minimum of 4 CREDIBLE sources. You must use at least three of the following different types of sources: Websites (.org, .edu, or .gov). No .com websites are allowed. Scholarly Journal Article Newspaper Book, periodical, journal, or magazine You will also include a Works Cited (MLA) page listing your sources in MLA format. Organize the body of the speech by using the problem-solution, problem-cause- solution, cause-effect, Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, or comparative advantages order. The introduction will begin with an attention getter (a quote, story, personal example, question, statistic, lyrics, etc., NOT “My name is…”) then establish or enhance your credibility, establish rapport, preview your topic/purpose/central idea, and preview your main points. In the conclusion, signal the end, restate your main points, and conclude with a clincher. The call to action in a persuasive speech must be very clear. It is one of the main ways a persuasive speech differs from an informative speech. The call to action is what you want the audience to think or do as a result of hearing your speech. For example, instead of saying you want the audience to “call your legislators,” say, “I want you to contact your state legislators about House Bill 123. This website will help you find out who your legislators are and their email addresses and phone numbers.” The call to action can be your last main point or in the conclusion of your speech.

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