Write An Essay On The Cognitive Perspective of personality

There is no page limit. I need it at 12pm NZ Time. For this assessment, it is a research-based essay on The Cognitive Perspective of personality. Cognitive perspective: The cognitive perspective considers problem behaviours to arise out of the embodiment of schemas that misrepresent the external world and our sense of self. Topic: Critically discuss the research evidence that supports/refutes the view that “distorted” schemas contribute to behavioural problems. Title: The title will be the topic question you have selected to discuss. Word limit: 2000 +/- 10% Format: APA (7th) presentation guidelines for referencing text, tables, and figures. You can use any additional credible sources to support your discussion. (The minimum number of primary research papers is a grading criterion for LO4). Always use the most recent research publications available.

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